Find Out More About 10.1" Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Mobile devices, like Samsung's Galaxy Tab 4, are our daily companions, but they are sensitive to external conditions by being carried around and used. Screen protectors are vital in protecting the touch screens of these devices as they can get scratched and need regular cleaning. A good display protector not only helps you with cleaning and protecting the screen, but it can help prolong the life of your tablet.

What 10.1-inch screen protectors for Galaxy Tab 4 are available?

There are several features and options:

  • Brands: Choose from Samsung and ZAGG. There are some generic, unbranded items available as well.
  • Compatible Brands: Choose from Amazon, Apple, Huawei, and Lenovo. There are some universal items available as well.
  • Features: Protective film options include anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, glossy, and matte or anti-glare.
  • Materials: Options include PET, tempered glass, and TPU.
What are the advantages of tempered glass protectors?

Tempered glass is regular glass that receives a special heat treatment during its production. Pressure is applied to the glass pane, which makes it more resistant to impact and drops than untreated glass. It's not just used for screen protectors; it's also commonly for used car windows, glass doors, and windows in homes.

The enhanced strength of this glass helps protect your tablet from other items that might be carried with it in bags that could scratch the surface. The glass also helps protect tablets from dust and water.

What are the advantages of PET screen protectors?

PET, polyethylene terephthalate, is a type of versatile plastic. It's applied as a film that guards the screen as a coating on one side and an adhesive on the other side. The coating offers protection for the tablet against scratches from items like coins, fingernails, keys, and more.

What are the advantages of TPU coating?

TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane, is plastic like PET, only chemically enhanced. It also protects tablets against scratching along with resistance against grease and oil. TPU is durable and offers some elasticity that helps the tablet absorb minor drops and impact. Dents left in the plastic will slowly regain their shape.

What are some tips for applying a tablet screen protector?
  • Instructions: Completely follow the instructions for your selected screen protector.
  • Clean Area: Make sure you select an area that is clean and free of dust and smoke in applying your screen protector to your tablet. Also, the bathroom is not the place to apply a protector as any steam could interfere with the application.
  • Alignment: Use your tablet's features as a guide when applying the screen protector per your item's instructions. The camera or home button can often be used to help you with good placement.
  • Bubbles: A credit card or business card can be used to smooth out any bubbles under the surface. For large bubbles, a piece of tape can be used to lift a corner of the screen protector and reapply it.