Try Two 10-inch Subwoofers From the eBay Collection

This vast eBay collection lets you pair two 10-inch subwoofers for use in your car. Let sound travel with you with frequencies only subs can produce. Finding a deep, thick sound is possible with 10-inches, and youu001all gain even more power with a pair of them.

Which parts of a subwoofer control sound?

The control of sound in subwoofers comes from magnetic forces that are guided with wiring and an audio release. The sound sent into the sub has to convert itself into electrical power. This is done so that the speaker can manipulate it by containing the sound in a workable form. That sound is managed by passing through stages of the subu001as processing. Here are some concepts involved when managing the quality of sound in a 10-inch subwoofer:

  • Balancing: The balancing of the audio comes from specially wound wires that build a magnetic force around the subu001as magnet. Hereu001as where a bulk of the ampu001as power is held. A balance then occurs as sound is contained; by localizing it, it can then be directed at will.
  • Enclosures: Enclosures arenu001at necessary for vehicle subwoofers, but enclosures help in sound control by first housing the sub in a place where it can be mounted. You can experiment with woods versus plastics for a special tone with size being altered for louder volumes and lower frequencies.
  • Diameters: The size of the cone plays a large role in how low your systemu001as sound can get. The cone is the face of the speaker and can be found u001apumpingu001a in and out with sound. The lower the frequencies you want to have amplified, the larger the cone needs to be.
Will a subwoofer isolate bass specifically?

The new and pre-owned 10-inch subs on eBay have a range that captures tones ideal for bass sounds. This doesnu001at limit the subwoofer from capturing and playing higher tones, but those tones will be different if youu001are playing sounds solely through a sub. The actual tonal range of the sub is set within a parameter that many higher pitches can still be captured by.

Do subwoofers need a lot of power?

Most subwoofers are powered by common power sources in your vehicle, at home, or in a recording studio. This can be either an AC or a DC source. This allows you to easily power subs with direct connections to outlets or through the mixers and devices youu001are using.