Finding a 1080p HD Video Recording Camera Drone

Drones with 1080p video cameras give you a new way of exploring and video recording your adventures. A drone with an HD camera can come in a wide range of sizes and designs that vary from entry-level to professional-grade models. Before starting your search for a new or used drone on eBay, consider this information.

What’s included with a new HD video drone

In addition to the drone itself, a new kit will include a remote control, rechargeable batteries with charger, and a carrying case. Some models will also include spare parts, including propellers and landing gear. Depending on the model, the camera may be integrated into the body of the drone, while more advanced options are designed to accept your own HD camera. There will also be cables or an app that allows you to connect your smartphone or an external display to see the view from the camera's perspective.

What should you consider when selecting a new or preowned drone with HD?

Before purchasing your first or next affordable drone, consider these criteria in the selection process:

  • Type: The three main types include ready to fly, bind-n-fly, and kits. Kits allow for a larger amount of customization options for the propellers and other materials. Ready-to-fly kits come complete with the drone, remote, and other accessories you need to fly the drone once it’s charged and set up. Bind-n-fly kits are similar to ready-to-fly kits with the exception that they don’t include a remote control. This can be helpful if you already have a remote that you like and don’t need a duplicate or additional controller.
  • Brand/model: Some models will have newer versions that are redesigned or have extra features. Some common brands you might find are Parrot, DJI, and Yuneec.
  • Flight time: The battery size will have an impact on flight time. You should consider the projects or use of the drone to determine the amount of flight time you need.
  • Carrying solution: Some drones come with a backpack-style case designed to help you take the drone to more remote areas. Others have cases to store the drone and remote.
What are some features of a drone with a 1080p camera?

The materials of the drone have an impact on the performance and longevity of the drone. Some models make use of carbon fiber props for added durability and reduction in weight. Other features to consider are sensors that help keep the drone in a specified area to aid in recovery of a lost one.