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Enhance the Audio With a 12-Inch Car Subwoofer

As you cruise through town, you might crave top-notch audio for your favorite tunes on the road. If you're eyeing a budget-friendly 12-inch subwoofer for your car, eBay offers numerous choices across different price ranges.

What types of 12-inch subs are on sale on eBay?

Three of the most common types of 12 in subwoofers are listed here:

  • Component subs: A component 12-inch sub consists of just the speaker. This means you won't get a box or amplifier. Remember that 12 inches is a pretty common size for component subwoofers. This style is often preferred by those who want to customize their sound systems.
  • Enclosed subs: This type of 12-inch subwoofer is already mounted in a box. This design offers convenience that you may want if you're looking to simplify your system.
  • Powered subs: If you get new or used 12 inch subs, you'll get a woofer and an amplifier, both of which will come in an enclosure. Like 10 inch subwoofers, powered 12-inch subs are compact, making them ideal if you don't have a lot of extra space in your car.

Do subs fit into any vehicle?

Many of the subs you find on eBay can fit into various types of vehicles. But your space might be tight, or you might have certain preferences about where and how your sub fits. Some models are made for specific vehicle types. They can be powered or unpowered, and they may even match your vehicle's interior finish.

12-inch sub specifications

As you look through the wide selection of car subwoofers that are 12 inches, you'll likely see the following specifications:

  • Power: RMS power ratings let you know about continuous power output. This should match the output of your amp.
  • Sensitivity: A sub with a higher sensitivity rating can make the same amount of sound using less power compared to one with a lower sensitivity rating.
  • Frequency range: This will indicate how low a subwoofer can go.
  • Enclosures: Sealed enclosures generally produce the higher quality sound in terms of accuracy. Ported and bandpass enclosures are good if you're going for volume.
  • Voice coils: Having a single voice coil is fairly standard. Subwoofers with dual voice coils are more premium products, and you can wire them in various ways.
  • Impedance: Standard impedance is 4 ohms. There are also 2- and 8-ohm 12 inch subs. Again, just make sure the impedance matches your amp.