Questions on Assorted 14 Karat Gold Chains for Men

The 14k gold necklace, pendant, and bracelet are made by many different brands. You have an option between the Figaro, the box, the rope, and the mariner anchor patterns that many pieces of jewelry are crafted into. Gold is a soft metal that can be shaped in a number of ways, and you can find some beautiful affordable chain necklaces on eBay.

Are there different sized Figaro chains?

You can find 14k gold in all sizes as a chain necklace on eBay. The common sizes for flat-woven chains are grouped into a measuring system of 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 36 inches. These measurements are the lengths of a chain and help to better dictate where a neckpiece will sit when worn. A 36-inch chain will rest just below the breast-line while a 14-inch often has little room from the actual neck. An accessory you can find on eBay to wear with you chain is a pendant. Pendants come in many sizes and designs, and it hangs off the necklace and sits on your chest.

How much pure gold is in a 14k gold chain?

You can understand the purity of a gold chain by the number karats it has. Gold that is 14k is not 100% pure gold. It is a mixture of gold and another metal. In most cases, 14k gold is 58% gold mixed with other metals like nickel or copper. It has become a standard to mix gold with another metal as the added metal makes it harder and gives it more strength. This way it can be worn and not change over time.

What does gold plated chain necklace mean?

When looking through the many gold chains available on eBay, you might see some that a few necklaces are gold plated. This is because gold jewelry comes in primarily three different ways: solid gold, gold filled, and gold plated. A solid 14k gold chain necklace means that the ornament is 14k gold all the way through. If its a 14k gold filled necklace, that meas it has a thick layer of 14k gold as an outer shell. Plated with 14k gold means that the chain necklace has been covered with a very thin layer of gold.