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Akrapovic Motorcycle Exhausts and Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic produces motorcycle exhausts and car exhausts. Named after the founder Igor Akrapovic, their Akrapovic motorcycle exhausts and exhaust systems are categorized under scooter, custom, road, and off-road. Here is a look at a few frequently asked questions about Akrapovic exhaust systems for motorcycles.

Why should you replace your old exhaust system?

If your exhaust system needs to be replaced, you may consider an Akrapovic exhaust system for several reasons:

  • Custom: Akrapovic exhaust systems can be custom designed, and they are tested in their labs with dynamometers.
  • Reduced weight: Akrapovic motorcycle exhaust systems are made of titanium. Titanium is a light metal that will not weigh down your bike. Depending on the type of bike, replacing it with an Akrapovic system means reducing the overall weight by up to 5 percent.
  • Changing the sound of the bike: You should consider replacing your old exhaust system with an Akrapovic system if you want to change the sound of your bike. There are different levels of noise available (mild to loud).
What kind of Akrapovic exhaust system does your bike need?

It depends on the riding you do. A rider who carries heavy loads of camping gear on his Yamaha bike needs a different exhaust from a cyclist who tears up the track for fun. There are two types of systems: mufflers only and full versions.

Mufflers only are also called bolt-on or slip-on types. The system just replaces the muffler and retains the factory head pipes. A full system, on the other hand, replaces the entire system from the head to the back of the motorcycle.

What should you consider when selecting an exhaust pipe?

When choosing an exhaust pipe from the Akrapovic selection, you need to determine the final appearance or sound you want on your motorcycle. If you are going to add a little rumble, then a simple slip-on will do. However, if you are planning to make camshaft and headwork changes, choose a full Akrapovic motorcycle exhaust to take advantage of the aftermarket parts.

Do you need to change the fuel delivery after upgrading?

It depends on several factors: the type of bike, exhaust, and how you want your motorcycle to sound. Slip-on motorcycle exhausts do not need a fuel delivery alteration, but if you are buying a full Akrapovic, it is important to make the changes. So, when purchasing an Akrapovic motorbike exhaust, you should consider the engine modifications required. You can use compatible engine parts with an exhaust upgrade.