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ATX Computer Motherboards

ATX, which stands for Advanced Technology eXtended, is a motherboard configuration first developed by Intel. ATX is a common motherboard configuration used by computers.

What is a computer motherboard?

The motherboard is the main printed circuit of a computer system. It is the part of the computer to which everything else is attached, including hard drives, sound cards, video cards, and additional peripherals. The motherboard determines what type of processor, memory, and peripherals you can use since these parts will only be compatible with certain slots and sockets on the board. You may want to purchase a new motherboard if you are building a new computer, if your current motherboard breaks down, or if you simply want to upgrade your board.

What is the layout of the ATX motherboard?

The ATX was one of the first major motherboards to embed all of the I/O connectors, including serial, parallel, and mouse, directly on the circuit board. However, the ATX motherboard allows each separate manufacturer to determine how they want to place the ports on the back of the computer system. ATX motherboards also vary regarding their cooling solutions. Some boards draw air from the back of the chassis and blow it directly on the CPU to cool it, whereas others still place the fan on the back of the power supply to exhaust air outside.

What are the advantages of using an ATX motherboard?

ATX computer motherboards have several advantages. Its power management, its ventilation, and its temperature control abilities prevent overheating. The ATX allows for easy placement of long full-length boards into all sockets. It is also a common type of motherboard that works with most components.

What is a microATX motherboard?

The microATX motherboard is a smaller version of the ATX motherboard configuration. The maximum size of a microATX motherboard is 9.6 inches by 9.6 inches. The microATX motherboard was designed to be compatible with the ATX. It uses similar mounting points, I/O panel, and power connectors. Also, microATX boards use many of the same components as ATX boards. MicroATX has a maximum of 4 PCI or PCI-Express expansion slots so that it can support additional components such as multiple graphics cards and quad-channel memory configurations.

What is the Mini ATX?

The Mini ATX is another variation of the ATX. With a size of no more than 5.9 inches by 5.9 inches, it is an even smaller configuration than the microATX. The Mini ATX is compatible with a single DIN space in cars, rack tower cases, rack mounts, and more. Due to the small form factor, it features a relatively noiseless passive cooling design.