How to Choose an Adjustable Desk 

You've just realized that you're short on space, making putting a workstation together to study or work that meets your needs a difficult prospect. Fortunately, using a height-adjustable desk not only gives you the features you need to work comfortably, but many desktop options take up less space than a traditional office setup or larger, table-sized version does. 

What Are Some Types of Desks?

A desk with an adjustable height is beneficial to your body as you work or study because it gives you the chance to create a more ergonomic experience by providing a custom height for your desk, regardlesss of whether you stand or sit. There are several types and sizes of adjustable office desks from which to choose, depending on your needs.

  • A space-saving, slim, two-tier desk has several shelves and stands on its own. You can put a computer monitor on the top shelf and rest a keyboard underneath or use a laptop on top and put books or office supplies on the bottom shelves. 
  • A convertible desk transforms from a sitting to a standing desk with a few adjustments. These have an ergonomic design, and more elaborate models have a keyboard tray underneath the computer shelf. They work on a lift to adjust to your specifications if you're sitting or standing and can sit on a table or desktop.

What Are Some Features of Desks?

Though adjustable desks have many benefits, some computer desks have more features than meets the eye. 

  • There are dual-monitor options available. Some jobs or even gaming may require you to look at two screens at once, and an adjustable work surface that fits two computers is a necessary accessory to keep your workspace organized. 
  • Height-adjustable desks give you the benefits of both a standing desk and a sitting workstation at once. It's not difficult to adjust the desk frame of the workstation, and a sit-to-stand desk has health benefits in that the desk gives you the option to either stand or sit, eliminating a completely sedentary work experience and providing anti-fatigue benefits.

Which Brands Make Adjustable Desks?

Numerous brands create multiple types and sizes of workstations, ranging from L-shape options that have room for office needs to more portable options that work for a laptop. 

  • Furinno offers space-saving designs that feature space for a laptop as well as a two-tier design that you can use for other supplies or necessities. These are typically made of wood.
  • For a sleek, ergonomic experience that gives you the perks of a standing desk or a sitting model, choose an ErgotronHome height-adjustable design. These have a keyboard tray and allow you to sit or stand as you work. 
  • Halter makes designs that work well for more than one monitor. You can select a standing desk that's spacious enough for two displays, and when you're ready to sit, adjust the riser to a lower position in seconds. There's also room for your keyboard and adjusting the height as often as necessary is an effortless process.