Maximizing Space and Convenience With Adjustable Overbed Tables

Convenience is everything when you settle in and want to relax without getting up. Adjustable overbed and overchair tables have features anyone can use, whether you're recovering from surgery or need one for home use. Most of these portable overbed tables fold down flat to store under a bed or in a closet when not in use.

Why Use Adjustable Tables?

Office workers benefit when using this mobility furniture by using it as a standing desk. Instead of sitting for extended periods, the table helps to relieve back pain. Likewise, you can use the overbed table when lounging in bed to catch up on correspondence and pay bills. Use the table top surface for drinks and snacks when watching movies or resting. In medical settings, personnel use bed tables to serve meals on a tray whether the patient is lying in bed or seated in a side chair. Wheelchair-bound individuals use the disability equipment as an over chair table to complete daily routine tasks, such as taking medications. These handy accessories have a weight capacity of 25 to 50 pounds.

What Features Do Adjustable Tables Offer?

  • Adjustable Height: The adjustable bed table has a spring-loaded mechanism that moves up and down to accommodate people of different statures. Users can make height adjustments when reading, playing games or working on a craft, such as knitting.
  • Tilt:The tilting feature allows you to personalize the table top to a viewing angle suitable for you. Use a tilt table while using your computer or reading a book.
  • Rolling Casters: The rolling swivel wheels allow you to move the overbed table with minimal effort. Once the table is positioned, the locking wheels keep it from moving.
  • Storage Compartments: Many tables have one or more side pockets to store remotes, cell phones, and glasses. There's enough room to tuck away tissues and other personal items, such as toiletries.

What Materials Are Used to Make Overbed and Overchair Tables?

A bedside table with a neutral-colored laminate, melamine, or plastic top cleans up easily and blends in with any decor. In addition to wiping up spills with a damp cloth, you won't harm the adjustable overbed table when applying a sanitizer. Overbed tables have heavy-duty steel frames and chrome-plated metal bases that hold up to everyday bangs and bumps. Moreover, the tables have a molded edge to keep items from slipping off. Due to the materials' composition, moisture won't penetrate the surfaces.