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Aiwa Home Audio Compact and Shelf Stereos

A Short Guide to Aiwa Stereos

When you wish to turn up the volume on your favorite CD or listen to the radio, youll want to select a stereo system that offers functionality. A number of the new and pre-owned Aiwa home stereos that can be found on eBay are equipped with multiple speakers and a variety of audio playback options.

What audio devices are included with Aiwa sound systems?

Aiwa shelf stereo systems are capable of playing numerous types of media, which can include:

  • CDs: Units like the Aiwa XR-M99 are outfitted with a single CD player. Aiwa shelf stereos may include CD players that can house five compact discs at a time.
  • Cassettes: Models like the CX-NA767 include dual cassette players that are able to store two cassette tapes without needing to switch one out for the other.
  • Radio programming: The included radio can provide you with AM and FM frequencies.
  • MP3s: A portable MP3 player can be connected to Aiwa stereos that include USB ports.
How do you pick a stereo system?

When you are searching for a stereo system to add to a bookshelf in your home or to place around your television set, the numerous factors that will help with your decision include:

  • Your music collection: Take a look at your music collection to identify what form your music primarily comes in. If you have a large number of compact discs, Aiwa compact disc stereo systems come with a CD player.
  • Your stereo type: Stereos are available in several types that include bookshelf, mini, and portable. Many stereos will come with one receiver and two separate tower speakers.
  • Your preferred features: Some features to consider include a karaoke mode that switches to a karaoke microphone, a recording system, a digital display that identifies the type of audio youre listening to, and settings that allow for increased bass or treble.
What devices can these stereo systems be connected to?

Located on the back of many Aiwa stereos are a wide array of connectors that accommodate various devices. When connected to the stereo, these devices send their audio or video signals to the stereo for playback from the speakers. A subwoofer port is typically available, and youu001all see digital video ports for coaxial and optical cables. Aiwa stereos that are built for use with AM and FM radio frequencies usually include multiple antenna ports to boost the frequency. Left and right audio ports can also be used for phono, auxiliary, tape monitor, and CD player inputs.

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