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How to Choose a 1-DIN Car Audio In-Dash Unit

Alpine is an electronics brand that manufactures numerous types of stereo equipment, and when you're considering replacing your existing car sound system, there are multiple models made by the brand that boast several features to consider. 

What Are Some Models to Consider?

Shopping for sound equipment can be confusing. For instance, what does single-DIN even mean? The number of DIN, whether it's one or two, refers to the size of the opening into which you're inserting the stereo. When looking for single-DIN models by Alpine, there are a few to consider.

  • The CDE-172BT in-dash receiver offers four channels of power at 50 watts. You can program present buttons for 18 of your favorite radio stations and enjoy playing CDs, MP3s, and audio from your phone, which you can sync to the stereo via Bluetooth.
  • Check into the CDE-164BT model for a wireless media receiver with a detachable faceplate for security, along with an optional remote control. The single-DIN stereo is Lightning and USB compatible, so you can connect your iPhone to stream music or sync it wirelessly. This model is also SiriusXM Radio-ready.
  • For something more advanced, consider the iLX-F309 model. It is compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and it has a nine-inch touchscreen that allows you to use navigation and maps, make phone calls, listen to music, and enjoy wireless capabilities.

What Are Some Features of Car Stereos?

Today's stereo models aren't like the vehicle systems from years ago when a cassette player or an AM/FM tuner was the most exciting feature. These 1-DIN systems offer upgraded tech that not only plays music but allows you to do so much more, enhancing your driving experience in the process.

  • You can purchase audio equipment that's Bluetooth compatible, which means that you can wirelessly sync it with your smartphone and take hands-free calls or listen to music that you stream via your device. 
  • Another convenient feature is a touchscreen display. You'll find information on the screen such as which song is playing, which radio station you're listening to, and what the time is.
  • You'll also enjoy included inputs and ports for connecting devices, such as a USB input and outputs for hooking up other speaker equipment to your car radio like preamps or subwoofers. 

Why Replace Your Factory Sound System?

There are a few reasons to replace your factory in-dash system, even if your stereo has been useful and functional over the years. 

  • You may not be able to afford a new vehicle, but you can spruce your existing one up for much less by upgrading the car stereo.
  • Features like Bluetooth compatibility make driving while talking on the phone much safer. 
  • Cassettes and even CDs are becoming obsolete, and it's much easier to sync your car stereo with Bluetooth and stream music on your phone, whether it's through Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora. 

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