Art Photographs

Fine art photography tells a story from the photographers point of view. It can be done in all types of lighting and can convey any messages that one person wishes to tell. There are many definitions of the concept and what it truly means.

Who is Cindy Sherman?

Cindy Sherman is a photographer and a member of the Pictures Generation. Her work includes conceptual portraits. Sherman creates series of self-portraits, photographing herself in various costumes. Cindy Sherman rose to fame in the 1980s, and her work focuses on the concept of feminism.

How is fine art photography defined?

This genre uses an image to convey anything the artist wishes to say. It can tell a story or it can convey a range of emotions. Rather than capturing a memory or making a representation, it can be happy, sad, inspirational, or any other feeling that can be conveyed. Some pictures are surreal and overall are considered to be very beautiful. It can use anything as a subject, including people, animals, or landscapes. Like any artistic medium, however, what makes a good photograph is subjective.

Who are some fine art photographers?

Some well-known photographers working in this genre are:

  • David Talley - Creates romantic pictures using a combination of light and dark.
  • Lissy Elle - Has a childlike approach to choosing subjects. Her subjects are innocent and angelic.
  • Alex Stoddard - Creates deep, meaningful, and dark pictures.
  • Brooke Shaden - Uses eclectic colors and surreal subjects to tell a story.
  • Peter Jamus - Captures subjects in black and white only. His subjects have a "dark" theme.
Why arent fine art photos displayed in art galleries?

While there are museums devoted only to paintings, some museums do have a section for the photographic arts. Most often, however, art galleries are reserved for collections that have been created by drawing or other mediums, while photography has its own museums and individual galleries.

Who Is Ansel Adams?

Ansel Adams was a famous American photographer. He was known for black and white landscape photography. Much of what he has done is featured on calendars and postcards. He also did significant commercial work. Adams also published several books on photography. With a love for nature, Adams helped turn photography into an art. He used many images of nature in the western United States, which he ultimately became known for.

When did photography become an art?

Photography became an art in the early 1900s. With many publications featuring photography as an art form during this time, it became acceptable to refer to photography as a fine art. The images were expected to be inspirational, however. In more recent years, artists have had much more freedom with their subject matter.