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What You Need to Know About Artists’ Brushes

Art is one of the many means people use to express themselves, and it is so diverse. Types of painting include landscape, abstract, watercolor, oil, and many more. What types of brushes should you use to paint with your preferred media and achieve your intended effects? Since painting is so diverse, there are many different artists’ brushes to choose from. Read about some of them below.

What are some different types of brushes for artists?

Various kinds of brushes are made for specific purposes. Here are just a few:

  • Acrylic brushes - Acrylic brushes are among the most popular paint brushes. They are used with acrylic paint, which is one of the easiest for beginners to use. Acrylic brushes can be used with other paints as well. Some people may use them for oil and watercolor paints. Acrylic brushes are also ideal for collages and mixed media.
  • Watercolor brushes - Watercolor brushes are best used for watercolor paints only. They are typically made from red sable hair and are usually long and absorbent. Some watercolor brushes are blended with natural hairs and synthetic filaments. These brushes also usually have short handles to give you more control over the details of your painting.
  • Oil brushes - Oil paint brushes are used for oil painting. The binder in oil paints is often linseed oil, although there are oil paints that use vegetable or other natural oils. Brushes for oil painting are very smooth, soft, supple, and durable.
Are there multipurpose brushes?

If you don't like shopping for individual brushes for each medium you paint with, consider a multipurpose brush. These brushes are made from natural fibers that can handle any sort of paint. Fibers from the coat of a camel or squirrel are typically used for multipurpose brushes. Don't worry — these natural fibers are harvested naturally and with zero harm to the animals.

What are other artists' brushes made of?

Many paint brushes can be made out of animal hair or synthetic materials. If it is made from animal hair, it is usually from long-haired hog bristle, but it can also be from a squirrel, goat, ox, camel, badger, or horse. Sable brushes are the most expensive. Synthetic paint brushes can be made from acrylic, nylon, or polyester.

Care of artists’ brushes

Care of artists’ brushes starts while you are painting. As you paint, make sure not to overload your brush. Wipe off heavy amounts of paint, especially in the ferrule area of the brush, which is where the bristles attach to the handle. Keep brushes in water as you paint so that the paint doesn’t dry. After you are finished painting, wash your brushes in soap and water. Then rinse them and lay them out flat to dry. Only after they are dry can you stand them up with the bristles in the air to store them.