Audiobahn 12 pulgadas COCHE Subwoofer

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Rock the Road With Audiobahn 12-Inch Subwoofers

When searching for the right car subwoofer, you want to find the best one to fit your vehicle with no sacrifice in sound. Audiobahn has a 12-inch woofer mounted in an aluminum cage to carry that bass beat to your amplifiers. The following may answer some questions you have about design and quality of the sound system you want.

How do you choose a subwoofer with low distortion?

Here are some ideas to increase clarity:

  • Look for the sensitivity rating – Audiobahn 12-inch woofers provide a frequency response of 20 to 500 Hz, which is one of the lowest frequency ratings available. A sensitivity rating of 96.4 decibels gives an additional 8.4 dB over the average 88 dB found in regular sound systems.
  • Check the material – An aluminum cone with voice coils that are 2.5 inches with four layers gives you low-end bass audio beats at high decibels with a clear sound. If the material used in constructing the sound system is high in quality, it will carry the bass notes with a clear tone. A 2-inch foam enclosure helps heavy bass beats travel through Audiobahn’s 12-inch subwoofers. The rigid aluminum cone makes for a strengthened material to carry straight bass rhythm to your amplifier.
  • Examine the balance – Strong magnets ranging from dual 120 ounces to dual 7.5 pounds keep the subwoofer balanced and in place. A steady bass beat with magnetically controlled movement allows quality sound and pressure to travel to your amplifier.
Does subwoofer weight affect performance?

Audiobahn subwoofers depend on design over weight. While the 12-inch woofers vary in weight, overall performance is not dependent upon it. The aluminum basket subwoofer carries little weight due to the cone made of carbon fiber. An aluminum dust cap assists with the rigidity of the cone and contributes to the lightweight design, allowing powerful bass to travel through the cone to your amplifier.

While the magnets can add weight, depending on the model, the resulting overall weight is the same or less than your average vehicle factory-issued stereo system. When pressure combines with a good design, more bass and sound results because of the increased efficiency of the light cone design. Performance is dependent on design and the capacity of your amplifier or output system.

What should you look for in a vehicle subwoofer?

There are several things you can look for and tweak to get the best effect from your woofer:

  • Airflow – Bass with no airflow can sound hollow and lifeless. If your bass is running through a vented aluminum basket, like the Audiobahn system, it allows air movement around the basket in whatever manner the beat demands. It gives freedom for big movements to create a big bass sound.
  • Cooling system – A vented backplate with an extended, oversized pole piece creates a cooling system within a small zone of space. Internal air and atmospheric pressure protect the inner cone and workings, allowing for peak performance.
  • Efficiency in a strong amplifier – A 2200-watt handling with continuous power paired with a high sensitivity rating gives bass output routed through your amp without distortion. This allows the housing to be shallow and small while still protecting the woofer as well as the sound. It stands to reason that choosing an amplifier with matching power will give you the best results.
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