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Motorcycle Patches

Since the beginnings of the motorcycle club phenomenon in the 20th century, the dress code has defined both its social structure and aesthetics. A primary staple in the world of biker fashion is the motorcycle vest patch. A wide variety of these biker patches are available for all patch enthusiasts, regardless of being in a biker club or not.

How are these patches made?

Because of technological advancements, more complex stitching is possible, and thus, any design imaginable can be made into a patch. Scanned images are read on a special computer program. The data is then sent to a digital automatic sewing machine controlled by the computer and the design is stitched in mere minutes. The design is applied to a plastic back to prevent being bent and misshapen.

How does a patch attach to a vest?

A particular aspect about patches is that there are numerous ways to apply the accessory to a motorcycle vest or jacket. If a patch has plastic glue on the back, it can be ironed on. To iron on, the patch is put in place on the fabric, covered with a towel, and then ironed on "high" for 15 seconds. Some of these biker patches even come with Velcro. If a vintage patch is so old that its back is a different type of material, it can be affixed with a pin or sewn on in the old-fashioned way.

What kind of Harley Davidson patches are available?

The classic orange and black logo is a look that has stood the test of time. This simple, timeless Harley Davidson Motorcycles logo is available as a biker patch. There is also a two-pack which comes with the classic logo and the more rectangular 90s version of the logo. Shapes like the latter patch work well on the upper front part of a motorcycle vest. Other favorites include the logo reinterpreted as black with a white trim, surrounded by a cogwheel shape. A similar one is sold where the cogwheel shape is replaced by a circle. Inside the circle, it says "Genuine Motor Oil."

Which other brands have motorcycle patches?

Harley Davidson isnt the only sheriff in Motorcycle Town. The BMW Motorsports two-pack has a sleek look for contemporary biker fashion, like a slim-fit jacket. Alpinestars, coming from the motocross realm, has their own black and white emblem displayed on a patch as well. For fans of energy drinks, a Monster Energy patch adds a nice, edgy touch to a vest. Soccer fans in the biker community are represented here too, with items such as the pack of six assorted Manchester United patches. A variety of other patches and appliques that are not brand logos, such as anarchy symbols, skulls, and eagles, may also be available.