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Automotive Care & Detailing

There’s no reason to pay hundreds of dollars to have your car professionally detailed at a shop. Invest in your own auto detailing supplies and save money. This also allows you to detail as you desire, paying special attention to each part and taking your time to do the job right. Car detailing products come in many forms, so it’s wise to brush up on what you need before you block away part of your Saturday to shine up your ride. 

Polishing Partners
For the ultimate in car care, put together a car detailing supplies kit that includes an electric car polisher. This tool is worth its weight in gold, and achieves a spotless shine in less time than hand-washing and buffing does. It also alleviates hand cramps and fatigue so you can get your whole car done and barely break a sweat. Along with cordless or corded polishers, you will need to stock up on buffing bonnets and microfiber cloths to help you apply waxes and polishes then buff it away when you’re done, leaving your car looking new again.

Car Wash Soap, Polishes, and Wax
Once you have cloths, sponges, and buffers, you need some car wash soap which you can spray on your car’s exterior and wheels for a deep clean. Scrub your car with car wash mitts to remove dirt and debris before rinsing with water. Special scrub brushes help clean rims and leave chrome dazzling. Once the car is clean, use a buffing pad or sponge to apply wax, then add polish for an unforgettable shine and protective seal. Having these automotive detailing supplies on hand will make your vehicle stand out from the rest.

Keep it Fresh
Now that your car is clean, sparkling, and shiny, there are only a couple more things left to do. Open up the car and use a hand vacuum to clean dirt out of the seats and crevices. The perfect portable car vacuum is one of the handiest car detailing products you can have on hand. There are vacuums that plug right into the 12 volt power outlet for vacuuming on the go. Now that the interior is incredible, add some air freshener to your air filters for a welcoming smell as you enter your automobile. You can clip scents onto your vents, or hang a classic Magic Tree from the rearview mirror to complete your car care.