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Aveda Hair Color Products

Natural and organic hair color products are designed to bring out the beauty of hair using limited-ingredient coloring options. Many of these options are available for home use and not just for use at a salon. You can use the same hair coloring and beauty products found at an Aveda salon on your own time.

What is the right hair color for certain skin tones?

A variety of factors contribute to hair color looking its best on each person. One of the most significant factors is skin tone. To determine which hair color will work best for you:

  • Look at your veins. Are they more green or blue in appearance? Green veins indicate a warm skin tone while blue veins create a cool skin tone.
  • Compare your facial skin to a sheet of white paper. Does it appear more yellowish (warm) or pinkish (cool)?
  • For warm skin tones, choose cooler colors like silvery blondes or colors with cool, ash, or autumn tones.
  • For cool skin tones, choose warmer colors like golden blondes or colors with warm, honey, or chocolate tones.
Should Aveda products be applied to the scalp?

Hair color applications are used to achieve various results both on and off the scalp. Some types of hair dye, especially those that contain bleach, often have recommendations to be used either on the scalp or off the scalp. Salon stylists and at home colorists generally work with both types of hair dye application.

  • On-Scalp Application: an on-scalp application is most appropriate for dyeing all of your hair or making a significant color change.
  • Off-Scalp Application: an off-scalp application is most appropriate for highlights.
Are Aveda products organic?

Aveda products, such as the Aveda Smooth Infusion hair care line, Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo, or any Aveda conditioner, are organic products. The hair color available from Aveda and in every Aveda Salon is derived from natural, plant-based, and organic ingredients.

What does gloss do to your hair?

Also known as a glaze treatment or color glaze, a gloss treatment helps dull hair to develop more shine. It can be a clear or tinted treatment, designed to revitalize and enhance hair color. It also helps to smooth out flyaways.

What are the ingredients in Aveda products?

All Aveda products contain mostly plant-based products that are natural, with many of the products using organic ingredients. Ingredients include nonoxynol, ammonia, resorcinol, paraben and napthol. Aveda also carries a product line that is vegan.

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