Scrunchie Hair Accessories for Babies

Scrunchie hair accessories for babies allow you to work with your baby’s hair and create a special hairdo. As your baby's hair grows, hair accessories can help keep the hair out of your baby's eyes and mouth. There are both functional and aesthetic scrunchie hair accessories that your baby can wear.

What are the different types of baby hair scrunchies?

Styling a baby's fine locks can be tricky, and the right accessories can make all the difference in keeping their hair in place. These guidelines will help you choose the type of accessories to achieve the look you desire:

  • Oversized scrunchies: Large-sized hair scrunchies fit around your baby's head and keep bangs out of his or her face. They are made from stretchy fabric with some elastic. Some have sequins and some are made out of cotton, velvet, shiny, or glittery material with stylish effects such as flowers or beads.
  • Fabric-covered scrunchies: These may be made from satin, velvet, synthetic materials, wool, or cotton. They wrap around the hair and look like a little flower.
  • Thin bands: Thin bands are made of flexible elasticized loops and hold a small amount of hair.
  • Floral scrunchies: These have a flower made of cloth, plastic, or metal.
  • Crochet hair bands: A crochet band offers a textured way to keep hair off your baby's face.
  • Ponytail holders: Ponytail holders allow you to style ponytails, pigtails, or braids. They could be beaded, have tied bows attached or made of brown or black silicone, plastic, or rubber.
What materials are baby hair scrunchies made from?

Hair-dressing items are made from a wide variety of materials, depending on whether they secure a small amount of hair or all of it. The more stretch the accessory has, the more of your baby's hair it will hold:

  • Silicone: Silicone coatings cover the hair ties so that the hair does not get pulled or caught in the band.
  • Elastic: Elastic is often the central part of hair scrunchies.
  • Rubber: Brown and black scrunchie hair ties may be made of rubber.
  • Cotton material: Cotton, cotton blends, and wool may be part of hair ties.
  • Synthetic fabric: Synthetic materials such as velveteen and polyester are often a part of hair scrunchies.
  • Plastic: Brown and black plastic bands are used as ponytail holders.
  • Silicone: Tiny silicone bands are used to secure a braided style or to make little pigtails on the side or back of a baby's head.
How do you put scrunchie hair accessories on a baby?

These hair accessories are attached by using manual pressure to push the front and back parts together or to twist the band around the hair. When styling a ponytail or braid, twist or wrap the hair ties several times in order to secure the style. Bands that are crocheted or made from knit material stretch enough to fit around your baby's head. No fasteners are typically needed in order to keep them in the desired position.

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