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Banana Republic Women's Pants

Banana Republic makes all different kinds of women’s pants, varying in fabric, colors, and patterns. Five different fits make up the brand’s pant collection.

What are some qualities of the Devon fit?

The Devon fit is Banana Republic’s high-rise legging fit for women’s pants. Side zip or elastic closure means these pants have a flat front without embellishment at the waistline. Different colors and patterns are available to suit a variety of aesthetic tastes. The Devon extends down to the ankle and tapers to keep a slim fit all the way down the leg.

What features does the Sloan fit offer?

The Sloan fit is Banana Republic’s sculpted skinny fit for women. Roomier than the Devon, the Sloan is slim but straight cut all the way from waist to calf. Sloan falls at a cropped length, about two-thirds of the way down the calf. This may vary slightly depending on the wearer’s build. Similar to the Devon fit, Sloan is also available in different colors and textures.

What is the Ryan fit?

The Ryan is a slim-straight fit with slightly more room than Sloan. With very little taper from waist to ankle, Ryan leaves a little more variance for hips and thighs to move. Ryan sits just below the belly button, slightly below the body’s natural waistline. Again, this placement may vary slightly depending on the particular individual wearing the pants.

How is Avery different from Ryan?

Avery is a straight fit, with even more room than Ryan. Avery features virtually no taper from waist to ankle, creating long, straight lines. Most Avery pants feature a tab-front closure with an extra button for security, combined with a zip fly. Rear pockets are often secured with a button closure.

What are some features of the Logan fit?

The Logan is a trouser fit with more room than Avery. The widest leg available in the Banana Republic women’s pant collection, these pants flare slightly at the ankle. Belt loops offer the option for any sort of belt for extra support at the top. Logan is also available in many different textures, prints, and colors.

How do you care for Banana Republic women’s pants?

Caring for pants appropriately helps to maximize their useful life span. Caring for Banana Republic women’s pants depends on the particular material your pants are made from. Consult the tag inside the garment first, making sure to follow directions. Some may be dry clean only, while others allow for machine washing. If the pants can be machine washed, use cool or cold water, gentle detergent, and low to no heat for drying. You might even consider laying the pants flat to air dry to prevent any shrinkage.

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