Barbie Barbie Dream Houses (1973-Now)

A History of the Barbie Dream House

Barbie arrived on the scene in 1959 and acquired her first Barbie dream house in 1962. It was a three-dimensional cardboard studio apartment, and the three-dimensional Barbie furniture was also cardboard. There was a closet for Barbie clothes. It was actually nicely furnished.

What was Barbie's dream house like in the 70s?

Barbie moved into a three-story townhouse in 1974. The cardboard townhouse has images of rooms printed on the backdrop. A cardboard floor for Barbie to stand on projects from the backdrop. The townhouse features a Japanese-style decor. On the first floor are a kitchen and a sauna. The second floor has a living room with a fireplace and a dining room featuring bamboo. A bedroom and a sitting room are on the third floor. Pillars and a center elevator help support the townhouse.

In 1979, Barbie had a small three-dimensional chalet-style house with a peaked roof. The first floor had a kitchen and living room. A bedroom occupied the whole second floor. It had large open areas for windows and a working front door.

What changes were made to Barbie's dream house in the 80s?

A pink Parisian-style decor is featured in Barbie's 1982 redecorated townhouse. The dream house was still a three-story townhouse with printed backdrops for rooms, projecting platforms for floors, pillars, and a central elevator. It had an eat-in kitchen and a sitting room on the first floor. The second floor has a dining room and a living room. On the third floor is a bedroom and a dressing room.

Was there more than one Barbie dream house in the 1990s?

In 1990, Barbie moved into a three-dimensional, two-story, four-room house with three-dimensional furniture. On the first floor, there was an eat-in kitchen with a table and chairs and a living room with a sofa, chairs, and throw pillows. In addition, this Barbie dream house was lighted and had a working doorbell.

In 1998, Barbie still had a three-dimensional, two-story home with three-dimensional furniture, but there was just one large room on each floor. On the first floor were an eat-in kitchen and a living room. The furnishings including a bed for a dog, one of the many Barbie pets. A bedroom and bathroom was on the second floor.

What has the Barbie dream house been like since 2000?

In 2012, a very pink three-dimensional version of the Barbie townhouse was produced. The elevator was moved to the left side and there was a rooftop outdoor space with a hot tub on the third floor. A kitchen and dining room occupied the first floor. On the second floor, there was a living room and a bathroom. A bedroom shared the third floor with the hot tub.

The Barbie Happy Family Sounds Like Home Smart House was a special edition. It had an audio feature that could talk to children. It also had a second bedroom and storage under the stairs.

The most complete Barbie dream house, as of the date of this writing, has three stories. The elevator is on the right. An entryway and kitchen are on the first floor. The dining room, bathroom, and a room for the multiple Barbie pets occupy the second floor. The third floor includes the living room, a bedroom, and a walk-in closet. The unique feature of this Barbie dream house is the garage on the first floor to hold the Barbie car.

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