Barbie Clothing (1973-Now)

Barbie Clothing (1973-Now)

Since 1959, the Mattel Barbie doll has been known by girls around the world. Her style of clothes has evolved with thousands of outfits, shoes, and accessories.

What types of doll clothes are available?

There is Barbie apparel suitable to match any girls favorite fashion and clothing, whether you prefer doll clothes for artsy girls, outfits for sporty girls, dresses for the ball, or dresses for the runway. She can dress in any variety of your favorite clothes or outfits too. There are also "My Size" Barbie doll clothes and shoe options to fit the life-size Mattel Barbie doll. Types of Barbie clothing (1973-now) include:

  • Contemporary doll clothes - Modern-style outfits that reflect the latest fashion trends.
  • Custom and handmade doll clothes - Apparel is available that is handmade or uniquely designed to dress Barbie in one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories.
  • Fashion Avenue doll clothes - This apparel is designed to dress up the Fashion Avenue dolls with clothing sets, including a party dress, gown, or glam accessories.
  • Silkstone doll clothes - There is apparel available to dress the Silkstone dolls that are composed of hard plastic that mimics porcelain.
  • My-Size Barbie doll clothes - These clothes are designed to dress the oversized Barbie dolls, measuring 38 inches in height.
Are these clothes compatible with vintage Barbie dolls?

These clothes are used to dress contemporary Barbie dolls, meaning dolls manufactured from 1973 up until now. All Barbie dolls before 1973 are considered vintage items.

What size of doll do these Barbie clothes fit?

If it doesnt specify otherwise, Barbie clothes are made to fit the standard, contemporary Barbie doll. The standard doll is 11.5 inches tall. There are a variety of Barbie dolls though, including friends, Skipper dolls, toddlers, and babies. There are also a variety of male dolls available, including Ken, Barbies companion, and younger boy dolls. They each have their own line of clothes to choose from.

What other sizes of Barbie dolls are there?

In 2016, Barbie launched three new body types intended to appeal to more people and portray more styles and shapes of women everywhere. The additional Barbie sizes and clothes are now described as tall, curvy, and petite. Each of these dolls still has a variety of doll clothes available; you just need to make sure the clothes you select align with the style of Barbie you are dressing.

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