Billiard Balls

Choosing the Right Billiard Balls

The excitement of a game cannot be complete without having quality balls. Whether youre an occasional billiard player, a recreational player or you take your game seriously at home, you need a perfect set for your table. They come in unusual and standard designs to suit your taste. All from family fun through tournaments at your local pool hall.

What are billiard balls and what are they made of?

A billiard ball is a small hard ball used in cue sports such as pool, snooker and carom billiards. Billiard balls differ in number, diameter, type, color, and pattern.

The variation depends on the game.

A billiard ball is made of a plastic material and is strongly resistant to chipping and cracking.

Wha set of pool balls should I consider?

There are several sets of pool balls you can choose from depending on your style and playability.

Aramith pool balls provide you with consistent and reliable performance. The brand enjoys a worldwide endorsement.

  • Aramith Premium- They come in bright colors with crisp contrasting numbers. Making it easy for you to identify them in dim light. Their molecular structure is engineered to withstand powerful impacts and resist chipping.
  • Aramith Tournament Set- Your go-to choice when you want perfect set of quality and professional level balls. They have an ideal balance with a right roll, bright colors with bold deep black numbers, which are easy to see.
  • Action Bumper Set- Bumper pool enthusiasts, looking for new pool balls should consider the Action Bumper Set. The premium cast polyester resin is highly crack resistant and up to standard most players demand.

How do you clean a pool ball set?

Billiard pool balls are durable, but they are also prone to staining, especially when subject to unclean surfaces or chalk. It is relatively easy to clean billiard balls. All you need is a magic eraser, a sink, a bottle of bleach, a pair of cleaning gloves, a dishrag, a 16-oz cup, and a tub.

Fill the tub with a full cup of water and a full cup of bleach. Clean two balls at a time in the solution for good results. Remember to put your gloves on and roll both balls around in the solution for three minutes.

Once you rinse each pair of balls, wipe them with the magic eraser. You should see a dark-colored film appearing along the front end of the eraser. And, the balls becoming shinner within seconds.

What are pool table accessories?

A pool table is the most critical part of the game. But, your accessories make all the difference to your game.

  • Pool Cues- Pool cues average around 150 cm or 59 inches in length. There are three major types. The standard model is one-piece cue stocked in pool halls for communal use.
  • Pool Table Cloth- There are different types of tablecloths for your pool table. The primary ones include English cloth and American cloth.
  • Snooker Balls- a full snooker game requires a set of 15 red snooker balls. A smaller snooker table needs ten red balls.

Other accessories include; pool table felt, ball racks, table brushes, pool table lights, and much more.

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