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Bobcat Heavy Equipment Parts & Accessories

Buying Aftermarket Bobcat Heavy Equipment Parts and Accessories

With proper care and a few replacement parts, a Bobcat machine can last for far longer than the expected lifespan. Aftermarket Bobcat parts include both refurbished parts that have been recycled from old machines and brand-new parts that did not see their intended use.

How do you know if used Bobcat parts will work for your machine?

Before you begin shopping for replacement parts, double-check the make, model, and serial number of your Bobcat machine. Use this information to find the specific skid steer lift or Bobcat mower parts that you are looking for.

If you check the user manual for your Bobcat equipment, youll usually find a detailed part diagram. Every part has been given a reference number that you can use to get an exact match. Larger parts like engines and fuel pumps might be transferable across models, but you should only do this if youre a skilled mechanic.

How to determine if aftermarket Bobcat parts are in good condition

In general, assume that a refurbished Bobcat part has been personally attended to by a mechanic and is in working condition. A used engine or cylinder that has not been refurbished might need some work. Check the listing to see what condition the part is listed in.

Seals, chains, pins, and other small parts are usually not able to be reused between machines. Luckily, you can often find new versions of these individual parts on eBay. Metal items like clips or lever parts might be transferrable; check for rust or obvious signs of damage.

The most common Bobcat replacement parts

Whether or not a part can be salvaged depends on its condition. Larger parts like engines and transmissions are easy to remove, repair, and transfer to a new vehicle. Smaller seals and gaskets tend to get worn out with use, and its usually more economical to buy new ones.

These are just a few of the replacement Bobcat parts you might find for sale:

  • Cylinders: Hydraulic cylinders perform all of the lifting work on your Bobcat. If the cylinder is in otherwise good condition, it can be repaired with new seals and used on another machine.
  • Engines: An engine replacement can breathe new life into a skid steer loader. In some cases, you can purchase an engine with more horsepower or a better fuel injection system; just make sure that the shafts are compatible to ensure a proper fit.
  • Kits: Bobcat seals, gaskets, pistons, and other small parts are usually sold as repair kits. These parts are usually brand-new, and the kit will come with the tools you need to complete the replacement.
  • Cosmetic parts: One of the main advantages of buying aftermarket parts is that you can find exact matches for your Bobcats cosmetic pieces. Whether you need new foot pedals, tail lights, or even cab doors, you can often buy one thats been salvaged from a broken machine.
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