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Brother Laser Printers

Even though technology has become digitally based, the need for printers is still as big as ever. All-in-one laser printers are a staple at home and at work. Not only are Brother printers easy to operate, but they are always ready for printing documents on the fly.

What are the features of a laser printer?

Laser printers are commonly used in offices for several reasons.

  • Speed: Printers that use lasers have a fast printing speed.
  • Toner: This powder, which produces the text, lasts a long time and is easy to replace when it runs out.
  • Noise level: Laser printers are quiet.
  • Quality of printing: Because these printers use lasers to re-create the documents, the printing quality is clean and accurate.
What can you consider when looking for laser printers?

There is a choice of printers, with some more suitable for fast-paced environments and others suitable for the home.

  • Monochrome or color: Monochrome laser printers print in black and white while color printers can print colorful documents. While monochrome laser printers only need black toner, you may want a color printer if you need to print school projects.
  • Functions: Some laser printers from Brother have a variety of additional functions, including a scanner, fax, and copier. All of these functions are helpful to have in a home office. Brother printers with multiple functions are known as all-in-one printers.
  • Paper handling: Most printers, including laser printers, handle A4 size paper. Brother printers handle A4 paper, and some of them can accommodate larger papers if you need it. You should also consider the size of the paper tray. You may not need your printer to be capable of handling full reams at your home office, but this may be more of a priority at any workplace with many individuals needing to print all at once.
  • Connectivity: USB connectivity may be fine for a home office. However, wireless connectivity may be preferred if you have multiple computers that need to connect to the same printer.
  • Overall size: Workplace printers tend to be larger and require more space. Smaller printers designed for the home take up less space and are easier to install and set up.
How do you know what toner laser printers use?

All printers with lasers use toner to print documents, graphs, or photographs. However, different printer models may use toner cartridges that come in different sizes. An easy way to determine what cartridge size your Brother machine uses is to open the printing device and look at the cartridge itself. Keeping a box around with the name of the cartridge on it can also help. Your Brother printing manual should also have the toner cartridge your device uses.

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