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Everything You Need to Know About CHANEL Fashion Pins and Brooches

Coco Chanel was a French designer who favored classic, minimalist fashion and bold, ornate jewelry pieces. Inspired by the traditions of ancient cultures, Chanel designed brooches and pins that looked brilliant against her simple, ready-to-wear clothing. The bold, flashy brooches and pins of both CHANEL?s fine and costume jewelry are valued fashion accessories.

What types of CHANEL brooches are available?

There are a wide variety of brooches and pins available from CHANEL, both new and vintage and both fine and costume jewelry. Many have a variety of colored stones featured in them, including crystals, rhinestones, and pearls. The two main differences between fine and costume jewelry are:

  • Fine jewelry: Some brooches and pins are beautiful pieces of fine ornaments intended to be worn elegantly.
  • Costume jewelry: Some ornaments feature various whimsical motifs and classic designs, including the CC logo highlighting two Cs that are back to back and interlocked.
How do you care for CHANEL brooches and pins?

Jewelry should be stored with care so that the pieces don't scratch each other. Storing valuable pins and brooches individually in their cases or in travel pouches is a great practice. Individual gemstones should be cared for based on their mineral properties to protect their luster and beauty. It's important to handle your CHANEL brooches and pins with care.

Ensure your unique CHANEL brooch pin doesn't come in contact with the soap and water when washing your hands as soap deposits can slide into small crevices and cause tarnishing. Pieces shouldn't be worn when using chemical cleaning agents or corrosive products when gardening or doing household activities. Brooches shouldn't be worn during vigorous activities like sports to avoid impact, scratches, and loss. Jewelry should be protected from high temperatures to avoid damage. They should also be kept away from cosmetic products and perfumes to protect certain gemstones.

How do you wear CHANEL brooches and pins?

The placement of a CHANEL brooch is key. Pins can be worn to the left, to the right, and above the bust. They can be an amazing decoration at the center of a buttoned-up collar or to hold on a shawl. They can also be the right touch on the lapel of a dressy blazer. Pins can be used at the top corner of dressy purses to make them appear more upscale.

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