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CHANEL Kabuki Makeup Brushes

A kabuki brush is a cosmetic tool that is used to apply makeup to the face. These large, dense brushes allow you to fully cover your face with foundation or loose powders. As a makeup fan, you can choose CHANEL face brushes, which are designed for smooth application and full coverage.

What is a CHANEL kabuki brush?

A traditional kabuki brush is a large, round brush used to buff in foundation or powder. Using a circular motion, you can create a full-coverage look with your desired foundation or powder. While traditional kabuki brushes are round, some makeup tools are available in several shapes and sizes. CHANEL brushes feature acrylic handles with the company’s logo displayed on the bottom.

What are the different types of CHANEL kabuki brushes?

The types of brushes include:

  • Flat: A flat brush lines the surface of your skin, providing an even foundation distribution. Flat brushes are suitable for setting your foundation with a mineral powder.
  • Rounded: If you use blush or highlighters, you may prefer a rounded tool, which works to buff pigment into the skin to avoid product buildup. Use the brush in a rounded motion when applying product.
  • Angled: Angled brushes are used for contouring your face, which is the process of creating angles with the natural shadows on your skin. Dark pigment is used for contouring, which can be done along the nose, the hollows of your cheeks, and above the eyebrows.
  • Dome: Multicolored concealers are applied using a dome kabuki. If you’ve applied undereye concealer, use the brush to smooth the product onto your skin. Color-correcting products can also be blended using this type of tool.
Can you use a CHANEL kabuki brush to apply bronzer?

After applying and setting your foundation, the brush can be used to add bronzer. Swirl the brush over your face and neck for a blended look.

Can you use a CHANEL kabuki brush with liquid foundations?

A CHANEL kabuki brush isnt just for powdered formulas. Cream and liquid formulas can be added to the face using this beauty tool as well. The brush’s flexible bristles can be used to create sheer coverage when used with liquid foundations and BB creams.

What is a retractable kabuki brush?

Made for traveling, CHANEL’s retractable brushes feature a large rounded brush that retracts into a case when not in use. These handy brushes are available in multiple colors and styles to complement your other beauty tools and can be made of different materials.

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