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CHANEL Skin Care

While CHANEL is known around the world for its beauty and makeup products, it shouldn't be surprising that the brand also offers a premium line of skin care products with anti-aging aspects that focus on revealing a woman's natural radiance and refinement. You can look rested and rejuvenated when you use CHANEL's line of products or collections designed to firm, tighten, and regenerate facial skin; reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines; and boost your skin's natural balance. CHANEL offers a wide selection of serums, creams, masks, and more for every skin type to reveal a younger, more beautiful you and to help you maintain your youthful radiance.

What types of skin care collections does CHANEL offer?

The following are just some of the brand's product lines:

  • Hydra Beauty: A revolutionary line of moisturizing products, Hydra Beauty responds to the unique needs of each woman regardless of skin type or age. Using rare, valuable ingredients that ensure maximum moisture retention in the cells combined with powerful antioxidants ensures that an ideal balance between protection and superior radiance is struck.
  • Le Blanc: Le Blanc's aim is superior complexion refinement with the result being a brighter, younger, newer you. Using pearl extract and special formulas, the products in this collection will give you luminous, lasting beauty.
  • Le Lift: The purpose of the Le Lift brand is anti-aging, formulated using technology that meets every woman’s unique needs, and few products fulfill that purpose quite as well. This collection offers facial cream (three variations), anti-wrinkle serum and eye cream, a lip product, and a sleep mask. Separately, they do a remarkable job of erasing the signs of aging and keeping them at bay. As a collection, they are a skincare dream team that can reveal glowing, youthful skin and then keep it that way.
  • Sublimage: Rare, valuable ingredients are used in this exclusive, powerful line of products that deeply rejuvenates the complexion and that restores the skin to its youngest possible appearance. This line of products fights aging with creams in a variety of textures, including L'Essence, a regenerative concentrate, and La Lotion, a cream used for intensive regeneration. The collection also includes the new Le Brume, an innovative new refreshing mist to plump and smooth skin to maintain a healthy, youthful glow.
How do you store CHANEL products?

Top-quality products such as cosmetics and perfumes can be quite an investment, so care should be taken in their storage. Keep in mind that many products have preservatives for a reason. However, some topical treatments can be refrigerated to preserve them when they aren't used frequently, such as on a daily basis. The refrigeration process won't impact the active ingredients in your products, but it can have an impact on how the product will look. Careful research on individual products and the storage practices recommended for them is always a good idea.