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Choosing Camera Eyecups for the EOS Rebel

Every accessory and part of a camera has a function, and the eyecup is no exception. Though they may look small, these petite parts have an important function when it comes to your Canon EOS Rebel, so it's a wise idea to replace them when they wear out or tear.

What Are Eyecups?

When you peer into the viewfinder of your camera, you'll notice a little rubber portion that you put your eye onto; this is the eyecup, and it serves several purposes.

  • The eyecup, sometimes also called the eyepiece, provides a layer of padding and cushioning between your eye and the camera, making it more comfortable while looking through the lens. It also provides comfort for those who wear glasses and use this type of camera.
  • Eyepieces serve as a protector by providing a barrier between your viewfinder and the environment, keeping dust and debris away from this sensitive area.
  • The eyepiece also blocks out bright light, so you can get a good look at what your image will look like without distractions.

How Do You Purchase Eyecups?

There are a few factors to consider when you're purchasing an eyepiece for EOS cameras, with the fit being the most important consideration to weigh as you browse the available options.

  • Make sure the accessories are compatible with your camera model. Typically, one of these rubber accessories is compatible with more than one series (or model) of cameras, such as the Canon EF as well as EOS models. As long as you know which type of camera you have, you should be able to get the correct one. Many of these eyecups work for the same series even when the actual model numbers are different.
  • You can purchase eyecups individually or in bulk, so you always have a backup handy.
  • Some are more circular and some are rectangular to allow you to choose the shape that you desire.

What Are Some Features of Eyecups?

These small but necessary parts offer a few features to aid you in your photography.

  • They're built sturdily and are constructed from tough rubber, which means though they will wear down over time, they're tear-resistant and should last awhile.
  • Some types offer additional cushioning and padding to make looking through your viewfinder more comfortable and give your eye the support it needs. Their ergonomic design also means that they're shaped to support your eye as you snap shots.
  • An uncomplicated installation allows most of these pieces to simply snap onto your viewfinder with ease, and you can remove them without trouble as well.

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