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Vintage Images with Canon 8mm Camera

Whether you are a camera enthusiast or photographer, you can still purchase a vintage camera. Retro models will give you the feeling of style and image quality that is typical for vintage models. Learn more about these vintage 8mm cameras here.

What does an 8mm model mean?

The 8mm model refers to a filming format of the device in which the film strip has a width of 8mm.

How do you shoot with a vintage camera?

Canon vintage cameras have a mirror behind the lens that reflects the image into the viewfinder. Prior to exposure, what you see through the viewfinder is exactly the image you will get through the lens. On earlier cameras, the viewfinder may be plain, and the exposure would be shown on the periphery. After exposure, the mirror returns to its original position. Before exposure, see that the viewfinder shows what is seen by the lens.

On most cameras, the shutter speed is set on a dial on the top plate. Some shutter speeds are found on a ring around the lens, and the focusing is achieved by turning a knob on the body.

How do you take photos with a vintage camera?

To make the most out of photos with these cameras:

  • Consider the specifics - Vintage cameras from Canon have a different ISO performance that you will have to adjust when working with them.
  • Megapixel differences - These cameras have a different megapixel count, so you would want to be closer to your images when filming them instead of cropping the image later.
  • Try photographic techniques - These include center-point autofocus and back-button focus. A Canon vintage device will require more camera planning on your part and more focus on composition.
  • Get to know your particular camera and all the options that it has - These include many autofocus buttons and options.
How do you store and maintain this equipment?

Vintage photo equipment has the following maintenance tips:

  • Keep it dry - Keep the Canon free from moisture. When storing in humid climates, use moisture-absorbing products with the device. These can be silica packs stored together with the device.
  • Lens care - Store them standing upright. Remove filters, and use front and back lens caps to protect them from dust and dirt. When cleaning the lens, dry them thoroughly.
  • Work with the device periodically - Use the camera once in a while. You can turn the knobs, click the shutter, and lubricate the different parts. Remove batteries from the equipment if you do not use it. Make sure you know your batteries' expiration dates when you are using them.