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Canon Super 8 Zoom Reflex Vintage Movie Camera

Get Rolling With a Canon Super 8 Zoom Reflex Vintage Camera

Invented in the 1960s specifically for moviemaking, the Super 8 revolutionized both the professional and amateur film industry. You, too, can shoot quality motion pictures with one of Canons vintage machines. Once you have the camera and the film, youre ready to capture.

How do you operate a Super 8?

Once you have your batteries in place and the right settings for the light meter, all you have to do is load a Super 8mm film canister into the camera, focus the lens, and start shooting. Thanks to their long history of use, Super 8 cameras can also accommodate accessories like microphones and filters if youre looking for extra control.

What kinds of films can a Super 8 shoot?

Super 8 film cameras are designed to use Super 8mm film, and the film offers a variety of outputs. Both monochrome and color videos are possible as are videos with sound. Color reversal and negative film are both available for use, and both can be viewed and converted to digital formats if you so choose.

How do you maintain your Super 8?

There are few bigger threats to a vintage camera than dirt, which can damage the image output and render the inner machinery nonfunctional. Fortunately, Super 8 upkeep is not difficult:

  • Lens: Wipe the lens clean of dirt, fingerprints, and other contaminants regularly. Use a soft, cotton cloth for good results. When you arent using your camera, cover the lens with a lens cap to protect it from the elements.
  • Interior: Keep your film camera away from dirty or moist environments as much as possible. If dirt and dust collect on the body, use a soft brush to clear them away.
  • Gate and aperture: These areas should also be kept clean, ideally with soft cotton cloths or brushes. No foreign metal should come into contact with either part.
  • Batteries: Because most Super 8 vintage cameras use batteries, make sure the ones youre using are in good condition. You dont want corrosion or leaking. When not in use, remove the batteries from your Canon camera and store them in a freezer to prolong their life. Also, keep the battery compartment clean and check the contacts periodically.
How do you store the camera?

If youre going to put your Canon camera away for an extended period, its best to store parts separately. Take the batteries out of your Canon camera and remove pieces like the lens and any accessories. Wrap them individually to further protect them. Store everything in dry containers and place them out of direct heat and moisture. In the event of months-long storage, release the shutter every few months to exercise it.

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