Emblemas para automóviles y camiones y adornos

Car and Truck Emblems

Most people have a car. If you are lucky, your car will last a long time, and hopefully, the emblem or logo on the car will as well. Not all car emblems adhere for the duration of the car, though, so it is important to know how to replace them.

What are the different types of emblems?

There are 3 main types of emblems:

  • Hood - These are usually mounted to the hood of the car or truck.
  • Badge - These are located on the vehicle’s body, typically on the sides and rear.
  • Grill - These are located on the front grill of the vehicle.

The emblem is the logo for the manufacturers brand. They are often depicted as various symbols, animals, or designs. There are 5 common styles of emblems:

  • Manufacturer emblems
  • Model emblems
  • Sports team emblems
  • Novelty emblems
  • Vintage emblems
How do you remove an emblem from a car or truck?
  • Refer to your owners manual to determine how the emblem is attached to your vehicle. Typically, they are attached with an adhesive, but some may be screwed on.
  • If the emblem is glued on, pour hot water directly over the top of the emblem to soften the glue.
  • You can also use a spray adhesive remover on the emblem to remove the glue.
  • Use a plastic wedge to remove the emblem. Slide the wedge carefully, ensuring not to break the emblem.
  • You can also use floss or a fishing line to ensure that the emblem will come off in one piece. Wrap a long piece of floss as if you were going to clean your teeth, and brush this behind the emblem to help cut the glue.
  • Another option to remove the emblem is with a card.
  • Once the emblem is off, spray the area with a spray glue remover once again and wipe it clean with a rag.
  • You will probably need to buff and wax the excess glue from the car.
How do you replace car emblem logos?

There are multiple ways to put a vehicle emblem on. Once the old emblem is removed, place a piece of painters tape on the truck or car to ensure correct placement when applying the new emblem. Be careful when gluing the emblem back on the fender or wherever it originally was. A small device to spread the glue evenly around the emblem can help ensure that there is no excess glue around the chrome. If you want to avoid glue, another easy option is 3M double-sided tape.