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Valve Covers for Mini

The Mini Cooper, produced by BMW, is a vehicle designed for efficiency and simplicity. In order to keep the engine working properly, you need to have the proper valve covers installed. There are many styles of valve covers for Mini to choose from that are produced by companies from around the globe.

Which companies make valve covers for the Mini?

Valve covers for the Mini Cooper are made by many different companies in addition to BMW. If you want to use exclusively BMW parts, then you need to find genuine OEM products. These items will likely look and function just like the original parts on your car.

If you want to change the look under the hood of your vehicle, you do have other options. You can pick from unbranded products, private label parts, or factory branded replacements. Some of the makers of valve covers are:

  • Trans Dapt Performance
  • Specialty Products
  • Racing Power
  • Billet Specialties
  • WD Express
Can you change the look of the valve covers?

You can choose the performance method of installation to change the look and possible function of the covers. Because this type of installation is not typical, you will want to check the owners manual before continuing.

With the performance method, you can pick valve covers that are bigger, wider, thinner, or longer. If you have roller rockers on your engine, you should make certain that the products will be high enough to cover them.

What materials are used to make valve covers?

The majority of these covers are made of high-quality steel or aluminum. These metals are used because they are able to handle immense amounts of heat and vibration without any problems. When deciding which material to choose, you need to determine your purpose for the item and if the materials are suggested by the manufacturer.

What is included with the valve covers?

Typically, these products include the cover itself, a gasket set, and a crankcase vent valve. Whatever you choose, make sure that your choice has what you need for the installation. If necessary, all the accessories needed for the installation are available.

Which types of engines are there parts for?

Whether you own a Mini Cooper hatchback, Clubman Wagon, or convertible, they come equipped with 1.6-liter engines. Some of the engines are naturally aspirated and others are turbocharged.

No matter which engine your vehicle has, you can get the valve covers for it. The majority of these products will fit on any of the engine styles.