Car Tweeters

Car Tweeters

Car tweeters are a key component in a car audio system. These systems thrive on specialization, which allows each portion of the set of speakers to make the most use of the limited space available. Adding a tweeter or a set of tweeters to your car can improve your listening experience.

What are car tweeters?

While many people have heard of subwoofers, tweeters are less common. A subwoofer is a speaker that focuses on playing low-end bass notes from audio. A tweeter is the opposite; it focuses on playing the high notes. In fact, a tweeter will encompass the sounds that are so high that they approach the limits of what humans can hear. The tweeter also takes some of the burdens off the regular speakers, allowing them to manage midrange tones. Like other car speakers, a car tweeter has to be small and compact enough for installation in a door panel or similar space, which places a tight constraint on the size of the cabinet for the speaker. A replacement set of tweeters will improve the sound of the car, taking over the high tones, processing them, and permitting specialization.

How can tweeters improve your car audio?

Most cars ship with a stock audio kit that is installed by the manufacturer. Just about every model of car can be improved by replacing that setup with upgraded elements. The tweeter is one of those possible upgrades. Because most car audio systems do not come with a tweeter, you will need to find space in the cars body to install one. Midrange speakers can replace the existing ones. Although it can be hard to fit in the upgraded speakers, the fact that a car is an enclosed space means there is wiggle room regarding the placement to achieve your desired tone and detail in sound.

Should you need to buy speakers from the same brand?

While it is not necessary to get all of your speakers from the same manufacturer, doing so might help you wire together and integrate them smoothly. If you do want to mix and match, then consider getting tweeters from a different brand as opposed to midrange speakers because tweeters are specialized and less available in the market. You can add them to an existing installation when you feel that you need them.