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Antennas for Hyundai Vehicles

Whether you’re using your Hyundai to commute to work or go on a family road trip, your antenna is what keeps you in touch with the world. Most Hyundai vehicles have a traditional receiver antenna that lets you access any analog sound channels in range. However, options now include analog TV antennas, digital HDTV antennas, and satellite masts, offering you a wide range of communication options.

Are stock antenna replacements available for your Hyundai?

Yes. If your Hyundai came with a traditional mast satellite TV antenna, an HDTV solution, or other similar analog or digital equipment, then OEM replacements are available. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and indicates products that are manufactured or licensed by Hyundai for its specific models.

Are aftermarket antenna systems and parts available for Hyundai?

Yes. There are many companies that make aftermarket equipment for Hyundai vehicles, which are often products that mirror the original Hyundai specifications but are sold at a reduced price. There are also Hyundai model specific and universal aftermarket accessories that are available to enhance the appearance and function of your vehicle. Some of the brands making antenna equipment for Hyundai vehicles include:

  • IPCW
  • Autoloc
  • Mr. Gasket
  • Garage-Pro
  • CravenSpeed
Are different antenna lengths available?

Yes, but be mindful that it depends on your model. Many 2000 and later model year Hyundai cars employ fin-style equipment, in which case your length options will be limited. With radio and even digital TV antennas, length can range from as little as 2 inches, which are often called stubbies, to as long as 16 inches or even longer.

Does antenna length matter on your Hyundai?

It depends. Many Hyundai vehicles come with some type of amplifier, such as an active pre-amp. Even if your Hyundai did not, you have the option of installing an aftermarket solution. In these cases, signal reception is amplified, and being amplified maximizes the effectiveness of the equipment and diminishes or eliminates the need for extended length. However, if signal reception isn’t amplified, then length may determine your access to low-power channels, depending on your location.

Do Hyundai antenna replacements require wiring?

No. All signal reception solutions pre-installed by Hyundai are cabled from the mount to the relevant electronics. Therefore, if you buy a product that fits your Hyundai or can be adapted to it, you simply detach the old or damaged part and attach the new component.

What if your Hyundai has a power mast?

If your Hyundai features a powered radio or TV antenna that must be repaired or replaced, you have three options. You can opt for a fixed mountable radio or TV antenna that replaces the retractable solution. You can replace the entire assembly, and OEM and aftermarket assembly kits are available. You can also replace just those parts that are damaged, such as any of the following:

  • Motor
  • Drive cable
  • Retractable mast
  • Mast grommet