Carnation Home Fashions Shower Curtains

Shower curtains help prevent water from spilling onto the floor while accentuating your bathroom design. You will need to determine the appropriate length and width so your bathtub or shower front is completely covered. In addition, you should also consider the material, style, and hardware you may need to hang the curtain properly.

What material should you consider?

Shower curtains are available in a variety of materials, such as polyester, silk, satin, and cotton. You may have to purchase an additional liner to prevent water from saturating or discoloring the material. Most polyester and cotton curtains are machine washable. Plastic options, available in vinyl or PEVA, help repel water and typically do not require additional liners. You can easily wipe these down with a dry cloth as necessary to keep them clean.

What Carnation shower curtain styles are available?

Shower curtains are available in single-panel or two-panel styles. Single panels run across the entire length of the bathtub or shower front and are easy to move when entering or exiting the shower. Two-panel options are tied back on either side to create a “window-like” appearance. To prevent puddles from forming on your bathroom floor, you may have to purchase an additional liner or remove the ties from both sides to close the curtains each time you shower.

Why do you need a liner?

Made of heavy plastic, polyester, or cotton, liners help protect fabric curtains from excessive water saturation, water stains, mildew, or soap scum build-up, and they help prevent water from spilling onto the floor or onto your bathroom rugs. Available in clear plastic, white, and other solid colors, you can also use liners as stand-alone shower curtains rather than invest in two pieces of material.

How do you clean a shower curtain?

To clean machine-washable fabrics, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Remove all curtain hooks before washing. You can add baking soda or distilled white vinegar to wash cycles to help remove odors and stains. To clean plastic curtains, use a mild household cleaner and a soft, dry cloth to wipe away water, mildew, or soap scum stains.

What hardware do you need to hang a shower curtain?

Some curtains require both shower rods and hooks whereas others feature wide fabric seams or metal or plastic grommets large enough to fit the rod through to hang the curtain. Other types require both a rod and attachable hooks. When buying a shower rod, consider whether you can attach the shower rod directly to bathroom drywall or if you will need a rod with rubber ends that you can attach to bathroom tile. Straight shower rods create a traditional bathroom design while curved shower rods create a contemporary design.