Estuches, fundas y cubiertas para para los teléfonos celulares LG

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Cases, Covers, and Skins for LG Cellphones

A brand-new LG phone can be a big investment, but even an older LG device isn't something you want getting damaged. Putting a case or cover on your LG phone is a simple way to not only add a stylish touch but also add a layer of protection that can help shield your device. Alternatively, if you're someone who wants to retain the slim profile of your device while still decorating it with a personal touch, phone skins are a great option.

What types of cases are available for LG?

In addition to the standard everyday phone cases you typically see, many LG phone cases come in a variety of models. These include:

  • Hybrid phone case: Hybrid cases feature a construction that is made up of multiple materials, most commonly rubber to absorb shock, in addition to plastic to take direct blows without damage. The layered materials offer more protection for your LG device.
  • Flip phone case: Flip cases have a flap on the front to cover the screen, and they are usually made out of some kind of synthetic leather or rubber. This is useful for people who have a habit of tossing their LG cellphone into their bag only to find it getting scratched by their keys. It also offers a location for IDs or credit cards.
  • Battery phone case: If you find that your LG device running out of battery power in the middle of the day is a common problem you encounter, it may be a good idea to consider a phone case or case cover with a built-in battery bank. Battery phone cases can often double the life of your device without adding much weight or bulk.
What is a phone skin?

Phone skins are thin, adhesive phone cover decals that you can apply to your LG device that add a more personalized look while not adding the bulk or weight of a phone case. This is good for people who want to keep the form factor of their LG phone while still having a way to express their taste.

What is a screen cover?

Screen covers are a thin film that is applied over the top of your device's front glass panel. The glass on mobile devices is susceptible to scratches from things such as keys, and putting a cover on your device can prevent damage to the front glass display. Skins are designed to allow you full tactile use of your touch screen through your finger or LG stylus when applied.