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Charge Your Apple Products On the Go With Solar Power

Smartphones have become our primary means of staying connected with the world, but they also require power to operate. You may not always be near an outlet to keep your iPhone running or your even recharge your backup batteries. With a solar phone charger, however, you can keep your Apple devices running smoothly wherever you may roam.

Are Apple devices the only products that can be recharged?

No. The solar powered batteries come with USB ports that allow you to recharge any device with the right cable. Most Apple devices will require either a USB to Lightning or a USB to 30-pin cable to charge from the charger. You can also use a 30-pin to Lightning adapter as well. Most other devices use either a USB to mini USB or a USB to USB-C cable for charging.

How many times can this charge an Apple device?

How many times you can recharge your Apple devices will depend on both the mAh capacity of the charger itself and the type of device you are charging. It will also depend on what you are doing with your device while it is charging and how much of a charge a device already has when you begin charging. For instance, if you place your phone in airplane mode while it is charging and turn off the screen, the phone will not only recharge quickly, but will drain less juice from the charger as it is doing so. If you are watching a video while you recharge your phone, however, a full recharge will require significantly more juice. Solar phone chargers will generally run from 10,000 mAh to 50,000 mAh, although a few may have a smaller or larger capacity. Here is an approximation of how many times a 10,000 mAh charger can recharge your devices:

  • iPhone 8 - Approximately four full charges
  • iPhone X - Approximately three full charges
  • iPad Pro - Approximately one full charge
  • iPad Mini - Approximately 1.5 full charges
Can this be used like any other charger?

Yes. Perhaps the best part about solar iPhone battery chargers is that you can use the sun to recharge them when you are not near an outlet, but you can also use a standard micro USB cable and plug to charge it when you are close to an outlet. You can also recharge the battery with a car charger, a USB port in any computer, or a USB station found in many public buildings or areas.

Can it charge more than one device at once?

The majority of solar chargers for Apple devices have two ports, so you can charge two Apple devices at the same time. You will want to pay careful attention to the output ports, however, because one will often have a higher output than the other. When you have larger devices that demand more, such as an iPad or iPhone X, you will want to use the higher amperage port. For an older iPhone that doesn't demand as much, you can use the lower amperage port.

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