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Practice Your Photography Using a Cell Phone Tripod

Many cell phones include cameras that allow you to take photos without using some of the more traditional equipment in photography. A phone tripod is one way you can set your mobile device up as a standalone unit for photographs. Exploring the various tripod models available on eBay can help you settle on one that has the features you need.

What features can you add to these tripods?

All phone tripods can hold your phone while you set the scene for a photograph. However, some models include extra features that you might find convenient. Some things you can add to your smartphone tripod holder are:

  • Adjustable - Some phone tripods have mechanisms that allow you to adjust the precise angle of the mobile device to get the perfect shot.
  • Telescopic - Your phone tripod may be attached to a telescopic arm. You can use this feature to change the distance or height of the smartphone before you take the photo.
  • Wireless - Some tripods include inputs for wireless cell phone charging.
How do you mount a phone tripod?

Phone tripods come complete with different mounting hardware depending on the model you choose. You can use the helpful categories on eBay to find the mobile tripod that has your preferred mounting hardware or browse through the entire selection. Some common choices you have here include:

  • Magnets - Some phone tripods include magnets that allow you to attach them to metal surfaces easily.
  • Pads or cups - Rubber cups or pads can provide the smartphone tripod with suction and attach it to various surfaces.
  • Clips - Clips or grips can fit the tripod snugly over different objects.
Can you purchase a phone tripod for specific devices?

Many companies make smartphone tripods that are designed to be compatible with models from their product lines. You may wish to search for a unit that is compatible with the brand of phone you own. Otherwise, you can find universal tripods for phones on eBay. These products are intended to be compatible with as many makes and models as possible.

How do you activate a phone tripod?

Tripods for your smartphone are designed to give you a hands-free photography experience. There are two main ways you can activate these items when you're ready to take a photo:

  • Wireless - Some items feature a remote that you can use to activate the camera feature on your phone.
  • Button - A built-in handle with a button can activate your phone's camera directly.