Rollos de papel de regalo de Navidad

Christmas Wrapping Paper Rolls

Whenever Christmas is approaching, it can feel overwhelming to pick a Christmas wrapping paper roll with so many options to choose from. Considering each person you're gifting for Christmas can help you select the holiday gift wrap for your needs. Here is a guide to help you make your holiday wrapping decisions this Christmas.

How do you buy Christmas wrapping paper?

Whenever you're purchasing Christmas gift wrapping paper, consider the tone you're wanting to express to the person who will be receiving your gift. For example, if your gift recipient is a colleague, select Christmas paper and a bow that reflects a more professional tone. If you're planning to wrap a gift for a close friend, you can select bolder, brighter Christmas wrap or wrap that reflects more of a vintage Christmas theme.

  • Select a Christmas theme: Solid, complementary colors can achieve a touch of elegance and can create a more personalized touch for each person who will receive your gift.
  • Consider attaching gift wrap embellishments: Adding decorative vintage or retro holiday ornaments can help to make your gift stand out.
  • Wrapping accessories: Don't forget your gift wrap accessories such as tissue paper, Christmas ribbon, and bows to complete wrapping your Christmas gift.
What are some different types of Christmas wrapping-paper options?

There are many different types of Christmas wrapping paper that are available. Whether you prefer a contemporary or vintage theme at Christmas, factoring which colors and styles you prefer for your Christmas gift recipients can make it easier for you to choose the wrapping paper that you need.

  • Color choices: You can select bright colors such as red and green, or you can opt for vintage, solid, or striped wrapping paper that feature multiple colors.
  • Gift wrap designs: Striped, metallic, textured, and floral-themed paper are all examples of the many different Christmas gift wrap patterns that are available.
  • Sizes: Wrapping paper comes in single sheets as well as rolls of all sizes. You can opt to purchase a smaller amount of gift wrap paper if you're not planning to wrap too many Christmas gifts, or you can purchase wholesale wrapping paper rolls if it suits your needs.
  • Additional options: You can also purchase gift wrap that features royalty-free or recycled paper if you prefer.
How are vintage, retro, and traditional wrapping paper different?

Picking wrapping paper that features a specific theme that speaks to your recipient can help to make your gift feel more special. Vintage, retro, and traditional wrapping paper each possesses some similar and differing qualities. Here are some of the key differences of each type of wrapping paper.

  • Vintage Christmas paper: Vintage wrapping paper features decorative elements that are at least 20 years old. For example, it might resemble Christmas decorations from the 1950s or from the Victorian era.
  • Retro Christmas paper: Although similar to vintage Christmas paper, this style of wrapping paper features any type of decorative elements that do not reflect the style for the current time period.
  • Traditional Christmas paper: This style of wrapping paper might have certain similarities to vintage wrapping. Traditional Christmas gift wrap features more common decorative elements such as reindeer, Santa, and candy canes.