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Clover Canyon Dresses for Women

Clover Canyon makes a variety of different dress styles for women of various sizes. Neoprene is only one of the materials utilized in their dress construction. Caring for your Clover Canyon dress appropriately can help to maximize its appearance and functionality.

What style of dress does Clover Canyon typically create?

Formerly, digitally printed neoprene was Clover Canyon’s signature dress design; however, the fashion line has changed to incorporate a wide range of dress designs, including options such as wrap dresses and numerous other prints with bold color patterns. The line features colors like browns, blues, blacks, and oranges, in addition to other hues.

Structured and unstructured designs are both available fro Clover Canyon. Some dress silhouettes include paneling that defines the torso and skirt, while others are left to flow freely in order to accentuate the female frame. Some shapes have tulip skirts that flounce out at the bottom, while others hang straight down.

  • In addition to a selection of fabric options, there are also dress silhouettes that range from shift to halter, bodycon, or drawstring dresses. Drawstring dresses cinch at the natural waist or around the hips using a string threaded through a channel in the dress to adjust the size.
What materials are utilized?

Clover Canyon utilizes materials in dress construction such as wool, organza, silk, and a silk/polyester blend. Different embellishments may be made out of other materials, similar to fasteners. For instance, a dress made from silk may have a metallic zipper or snap closure.

What are sizing tips?

Measure your dimensions and compare them directly to garment dimensions to ensure an effective fit. Dresses should be measured not only in the bust but also in the waist and hips. Most sizes are accommodated, including US women’s small through extra large and numbered sizes four through twelve.

How do you care for Clover Canyon dresses?

Refer to the garment tag before cleaning a Clover Canyon dress. If the garment can be machine washed, use gentle soap and cold water. Avoid applying heat whenever possible; let dresses air dry in a place with air circulation. Rather than ironing, try hanging the dress in the bathroom while you shower in hot water. The steam that builds up in the room serves to remove wrinkles.

If you use stain remover on a Clover Canyon dress, test it on an inconspicuous area before treating the body of the dress. If no bleaching occurs, feel free to pre-treat the dress before washing it on a normal cycle.