Coach Crossbody Bags & Handbags for Women

Add Coach Crossbody Bags & Handbags to Your Closet

Complete your Christmas outfit with a crossbody bag or handbag from Coach. Whether you need a mini bag while attending a Christmas party, or an extra-large one to store multiple everyday items, the brand has got you covered. Besides size, you can also take your pick from various colors, patterns, themes, features, and materials. If you wish to step away from plain and simple designs, go for ones that include fringes, glitter, beads, pleats, zippers, and other accents. Explore product lines such as Coach Legacy, Coach Poppy, Coach Classic City, and many more to find a piece that suits your personal style. Check out eBay’s Black Friday online deals to get new and pre-owned Coach bags that you love.

The Coach Crossbody bag isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of purse

Accessories enhance any outfit, but it only takes one bag to bring a look to life. Finding the right size, on the other hand, may take a bit more time and consideration. See the manufacturer site for details. Here are some of the sizes you can find for the Coach crossbody bag:

  • Small - This size ranging from 5 to 8 inches in length works as a wallet or clutch with the added strap for the crossbody effect.
  • Medium - These Coach crossbody bags are slightly bigger and more suitable to hold a few everyday items.
  • Large - The larger bags are great for holding laptops, notebooks, and other items too large to carry in the smaller purses.
How can you find the Coach crossbody style you want?

Coach's classic insignia is a style all its own. Its recognizable design will reinforce your decision to add it to your wardrobe. You can search for any one of the following styles:

  • The Signature C is embedded across many of the Coach crossbody bags. The monochromatic design comes in a variety of colors and textures.
  • Whether it's the Coach crossbody or any other Coach bag, one of the most noticeable textures is leather. It's an essential part of the Coach style.
  • The Pop C multi-colored crossbody bags are also a staple in the brand's designs. These bags come in leather, cloth, and mostly in the small and mini satchel sizes.
Finding used and vintage Coach crossbody bags

With the amount of Coach bags available on eBay, it's going to be easy to find the purse you'd like to add to your wardrobe. There are a few options to choose from when shopping luxurious Coach crossbody handbags:

  • New handbags are offered at affordable prices for you to choose from.
  • Used Coach bags are also sold if you're looking for a vintage Coach Crossbody bag.
  • There are also new Coach bags that can be bought with an older, classic style to give you the vintage look.
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