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Collectible Railroad Clocks

Vintage railroad clocks are available in several models and styles such as miniature, freestanding, or wall clocks, all including collectible railroad themes and imagery.

What are the features of the 100th anniversary Lionel clock?

Lionel's 100th anniversary clock celebrates 100 years of the train company, from 1900 to 2000.

  • This collectible clock tells time using the standard 12-hour layout over a white background.
  • It includes train decor such as a circular track in the middle of the device and a Lionel locomotive on the outer edge.
  • The train revolves around the face of the clock each hour.
  • Authentic train whistles and chugging noises sound at the top of each hour.
  • The hands on this piece are fashioned after the arms on railroad track gates.
What are the different types of collectible desk clocks?
  • Small desk clocks featuring trains that move around a track as time passes.
  • Railroad desk timepieces, which can double as alarm devices when you need to set a reminder for a certain time.
  • Vintage wooden desk clocks in the shape of a locomotive.
What are some different design categories for collectible clocks?

There are a few ways you can categorize your search based on a particular design.

  • You can choose a color scheme you prefer.
  • Some timepieces have unique backgrounds, such as railroad crossing designs that use flashing lights when telling time.
  • Other items have the colors and logos of a particular railroad companies.
  • You can select a piece that features artwork of your favorite locomotives.
How do you choose a wall clock?

If you'd like to purchase a hanging timepiece with a train theme, there are some basic guidelines you can follow.

  • Choose a train company that you prefer.
  • Select a color scheme you like or one that matches existing decor.
  • Choose from among your favorite locomotive models.
  • Select a clock that has additional features you like.
What special effects do railroad clocks have?

Timepieces that are crafted around a railroad theme can often incorporate a number of visual and sound effects that go with that theme. Some of the most common general effects categories include:

  • Railroad sounds such as locomotive engines, conductor phrases, or various horns.
  • Flashing or blinking lights.
  • Movement effects such as boxcars rotating around an electric track.
  • These effects may occur at the top of each hour or at other times.
How do you power collectible railroad clocks?

Most collectible railroad timepieces are battery-powered. Although specific battery requirements may vary across different versions, most will take one or more AAA batteries.