Things You Should Know about Color Laser All-in-One Printers

When you need to print documents that contain colorful images or you want to print photos, a color laser printer can help you with these tasks. Additionally, all-in-one models may also be able to assist with other basic office tasks, like faxing paperwork, scanning sheets, or making copies.

What can all-in-one printers do?

An all-in-one laser printing device is a printer that is capable of several functions, which usually include scanning, copying, and faxing. In some cases, these devices may be referred to as multifunction printers. Some color laser printers that are designed for multi-person or office use may also be able to hole punch documents or staple sheets together. Other multifunction printers come with photo organization software or optical character recognition software, allowing you to quickly and easily organize all of your documents and paperwork.

What types of ink do printers use?

While inkjet printers use a liquid ink to reproduce text and images, laser printers use a powdered ink, called toner, and a laser to bond the toner to the paper. Because the particles of the toner are uniformly shaped, the print quality tends to be smooth and clear. Furthermore, because the laser bonds the toner to each page during a scan or printing job, the text or image is resistant to smudging and moisture.

What additional features should you consider?

While all-in-one printers generally have more features than regular print-only devices, some models may have variations that may make your work easier. When looking for a laser printer, you may want to consider:

  • Paper handling: This refers to how many pages a laser printer can hold when waiting to scan or begin a printing job. Some printers have just one tray that can hold up to 100 sheets while others have additional trays for larger printing jobs.
  • Printer speed: This refers to how fast a printer can scan, copy, or complete printing jobs. This is generally noted in PPM, which stand for "pages per minute," referring to the number of printed pages of text per minute. A printer that can reproduce 10 pages of text per minute will have a printer speed of 10 PPM.
  • Duplexing: All-in-one laser printers that have automatic duplexing are able to scan, copy, or print on both sides of the page automatically. The laser printer does this by completing one side of the page before pulling it back through the laser and flipping the sheet.
  • Display: An LCD or touchscreen display lets you scan, copy, or start a printing job even when the printer is already working on other jobs.
  • Wireless capabilities, connections, and networking: Many all-in-one laser printers are wireless, allowing you to connect multiple computers to one laser printer without the need to use Ethernet cords. Some printers also have wireless direct, which lets you connect the device directly to a laptop without having to connect to a wireless network.