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Core 2 Extreme Computer Processors

The Intel Core 2 Extreme is a group of dual-core processors and quad-core processors designed for both desktop and laptop computers. The Extreme brand is not a single type of processor, but rather multiple different types. The Core 2 Extreme computer processors are designed to be updates to the normal Intel Core 2 family.

What is the Intel Core 2 family of processors?

The Core 2 is a brand of 64-bit processors released between 2006 and 2011 for the mid-range market, superseding the previous Pentium brand. Based on Intel's Core architecture, the Intel Core line encompasses single-core, dual-core, and quad-core CPUs (central processing units). Compared to the normal Intel Core 2 processors, the Extreme editions offer updated performance in terms of frequency and memory. They also have a suite of additional Intel features to offer additional security and thermal output. An example is the Intel Core 2 Extreme Laptop CPU Processor QX9300 12M 2.53 GHz

What factors determine the overall performance of the processor?

The most obvious factors to consider in your purchase of a processor are the frequency of the CPU and the size of the memory cache. The frequency, or clock speed, determines the speed at which each core of the CPU operates, allowing it to process more workload.

The memory cache is a small pool of memory located in the CPU that reduces the time and cost needed to access important data from the main memory. There are a few different types of memory in the CPU.

In addition to these factors, you should also take into account the number of cores present in the CPU. Each core offers multi-tasking. Another important factor to consider is what is known as a fabrication process. A smaller process can pack more transistors into the same physical size. The process is measured in nanometers. The Core 2 Extreme is based on either a 45-nanometer or a 65-nanometer process. The performance of the processor can vary widely based on how it is designed. For example, the dual-core X6800 Extreme, which is based on a 65-nanometer process, features a 2.93 GHz clock rate and 4MB of memory. The quad-core QX9775 Extreme, which is based on a 45-nanometer process, features a clock speed of 3.2 GHz and 12MB of memory.

Is it possible to overclock the Intel Core 2 Extreme?

Yes, overclocking gives you better performance but at the expense of higher temperatures. The Extreme edition features something called an unlocked clock multiplier. The multiplier helps to determine the overall frequency of the CPU. In most computer processors, the clock multiplier is locked. But many extreme editions allow you to change the multiplier, which essentially makes it easier to overclock your computer. However, even if you do not change the clock multiplier, the CPU can still be overclocked through more traditional methods.

What socket does the Intel Core 2 Extreme use?

The desktop versions use an LGA 775 or an LGA 771 socket. The notebook versions use a Socket P. The socket determines how the CPU connects to the motherboard of the computer. You should check to make sure first whether the processor is designed for a desktop or laptop/notebook computer. The two types are not interchangeable.

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