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Dell Desktop PCs With Gen 1 Intel i7 Processor

Dell has been in personal computing for decades. The Intel Core i7 processor lends these computers power and performance. Dell offers a wide variety of features on its computers with the Intel Core i7 processor to meet all of your computing needs.

What is included with this computer?

Unless otherwise stated, the majority of Dell computers offered with the Intel i7 processor are just the tower or what is commonly referred to as the "hard drive." You will need to supply your own keyboard, mouse, monitor, and any other peripherals you might need for your computing needs. Usually, the computer tower will come with an AC or power cable but may not come with any other parts or accessories.

What operating system does this come with?

Dell computers run on the Windows operating system, but each computer will come with a different version, depending on when the computer was manufactured or whether any upgrades were done. The majority of Dell computers featuring the Intel Core i7 processor will come with one of the following versions of Windows installed:

  • 7 Home
  • 7 Pro
  • 10 Home
  • 10 Pro

How many cores does the i7 chip have?

The Gen 1 Intel i7 processor or CPU was one of the very first quad-core processing chips. The CPU is the “Central Processing Unit” that manages all the different tasks you want to accomplish on your computer. An Intel quad-core processor is divided into four different sections that can all manage a single task individually. This is particularly important when you have several windows open or want to engage in multiple high-demand tasks at once. For instance, downloading one movie while watching another or running a video chat while gaming. An Intel quad-core chip sections off each task so that one task does not slow another one down.

How "fast" is the i7 chip?

Processing speed is measured in GHz or gigahertz. One GHz means a desktop or laptop processor can execute 1 billion cycles per second. Most Intel Core i7 processors range from 2.6 GHz to 2.99 GHz, which means that they can execute roughly 2 Billion 6 Million cycles per second to 2 billion 99 Million cycles per second. GHz can be misleading, however, thanks to the introduction of multiple cores. A 3 GHz, single core chip will in most cases be significantly slower than a 2.5 GHz, quad-core chip unless you are only running one task at a time. How "fast" a computer is doesn't depend solely on how many GHz it has but on a combination of GHz and core speed. The more tasks you want to perform at the same time, the more cores trumps GHz in terms of CPU processing speed.

What kind of drive does this computer have?

For the most part, Dell computers with a Gen 1 i7 chip will have an HDD or Hard Disc Drive. Most HDDs can easily be replaced with newer SSDs or Solid State Drives. Solid State Drives are digital drives that store media in a different way that can significantly speed up performance.