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Diaper Covers

Diaper covers are decorative and functional covers designed for use with cloth diapers. You can use diaper covers to prevent leaks coming from your babys diapers. With cloth-diaper covers, you’ll reduce the chances of experiencing messy or embarrassing accidents with your baby.

What diaper-cover designs are available?

Not all diaper covers fit the same way as others do. Some cloth-diaper covers are adjustable and will fit your baby as he or she grows. Others have snaps that change the way the cover fits over the diaper. These products come in different sizes to fit the size of your baby and his or her cloth diapers.

The model you pick should work with the size diapers your child wears. Look closely at different designs to ensure a good fit. Here are a few options you might encounter:

  • One-size-fits-all: One-size-fits-all diaper covers are those that will work with any child who still wears diapers. You just use the built-in snaps to increase or decrease its overall size. Those snaps wont rub against the skin of your child.
  • Pull-on: Pull-on covers look like standard baby diapers. Instead of snaps, these diaper covers have elastic around the waistband and each leg hole. The elastic expands to fit snugly and prevent leaks without causing your baby any discomfort.
  • Coverall: A coverall is a diaper cover that shields more skin of your baby. These come in many sizes and designs. You can choose one that looks like long pants or shorts. These cloth-diaper covers provide extra protection against leaks.
What are some of the benefits of baby diaper covers?

One key benefit of using a cover with your babys diapers is that it helps prevent leaks. Whether you are at home, on vacation, or running errands, diaper covers give you some freedom. When your baby goes in their diaper, the cover creates a barrier that keeps liquid from leaking out. Designs are compatible with all diapers too. Even as your baby grows and changes to a larger size of cloth diapers, the cover will still help prevent leaks.

Some diaper covers are suitable for using on vacations with your baby. These designs keep water in and block water from entering too. You can use a coverall to let a baby using cloth diapers go for an enjoyable swim.

What colors can you pick?

Diaper covers designed to fit over baby diapers come in almost every color you can name. Some diaper covers come in patterns too. You might pick a design in a transportation theme for one baby and a princess design for another. All designs come with snaps or other accents to fit over all types of diapers.