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Dog Cages and Crates

If you’re thinking about getting a dog or pet, you may want to consider crate training them until they are housebroken. There are many dog crates, kennels, and carriers available for all dog breeds. These dog crates will allow you to contain any mess that the puppy creates while simultaneously teaching them not to relieve themselves in the house.

What size dog crate is right for crate training?

Crates should be large enough that your pet can comfortably walk in and turn around, but no bigger than that. Your dogs and pets may appear to be cramped in the crates compared to the space that humans have, but this limited space is necessary to properly crate train your pet. Too large of a crate could defeat the purpose of crate training. It’s important that the dog crate is small enough to deter them from urinating or defecating in that space. If they do, your pet will learn that relieving themselves in that space will cause them to spend time trapped in an uncomfortable environment close to the mess. Dogs naturally dont want to defecate in their sleeping space, so the appropriate size of crate keeps this behavior under control. If the crate is too large, your pet could designate a corner of the dog crate for waste.

When should a dog crate be used?

Most people place their pets in the crates overnight and whenever they leave the house during the day. If the dog is a puppy, it may take longer to crate train them because their bladders are still growing, and they’re still learning to control them. Adult dogs should learn fairly quickly because they have more control over their bodies.

Why are different door positions necessary?

Most kennels have doors on multiple sides as well as the very top of the dog crate. Many of the larger dog crates are meant to hold litters of puppies. A door at the top of the crate allows the puppies to be freely picked up but keeps them from escaping. A larger dog may not be able to enter through the narrow door on one side but may be able to enter through the larger door on the other side. Multiple entrances allow you to place the dog crate against a wall or in a corner.

Can you put a soft lining in the crates?

If you want to provide a soft surface for your dog or pet, you can absolutely put a dog or pet bed in the bottom of the crate.