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Dog Leashes & Head Collars

A dog rope, chain, or leather leash attached to a dog collar tethers and leads your pet. A leather dog collar, or harness, and leash does more than help you grip, handle, or control your animal companion. Reflective dog collars and leashes carry identification and medical information and ensure your pet's visibility at night.

When do you put a dog collar on your puppy?

You can begin training with a dog collar, harness, and leash when you pet is six weeks old. Make your dog come to you when it is time to go for a walk. Most dogs get excited, afraid, or want to explore when they go outside on a leash. Dogs who walk neatly beside their handlers on a leash are well-trained exceptions.

Is your dog in control on a walk?

The Humane Society of the United States says head halters are great for obedience training rather than choke chains or prong dog collars. A head halter is a special leather collar used to control the impulses of pets who pull their owners while on a leash. The head harness, or halter, fits:

  • Over your pet's nose
  • Around his/her neck
  • Behind his/her ears

Your leash fastens to the head halter under your dog's chin. Your pet will get used to the leash and the head halter, and eat, drink, and bark with it on.

Which dog leashes and dog collars do you need?

You need a short leash with a head halter until your pet gets used to a dog leash and collar. Reflective dog collars and reflective leashes glow in the dark to keep your dog safe at night. Dog leashes used in training are:

  • Nylon - Nylon leashes and dog collars are sturdy and durable, and they come in a variety of colors, lengths, and sizes.
  • Metal chain - Metal chain leashes and collars are sturdier than nylon or leather leashes.
  • Soft-braided leather - Soft-braided leather dog leashes and collars are used for training show dogs in competitions.
  • Solid leather - Solid leather dog leashes and collars may be more comfortable for both you and your pet. They do not cause burns, and they are soft to grip.
  • Slip leash - A slip leash ends in a loop which may be slipped over your arm to keep your pet from pulling the leash out of your hand.
  • Retractable leash - A retractable dog leash leaves your dog free to roam up to 25 feet while the leash stays taut inside a plastic handle.

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