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D & G Women's Shoes

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian designer brand that has been releasing fashion items such as watches, sunglasses, footwear, apparel, and more since the 1980s. Their line of D & G women's shoes are offered in a variety of designs and colors.

Does D & G use real leather?

Many varieties of Dolce & Gabbana footwear do use genuine leather and suede leather that is typically goatskin or calfskin. Other collections of these products that do not have an upper shoe made of leather may still have a genuine leather insole.

What styles of women's footwear does D & G offer?
  • Heels and Pumps: These come in many colors, materials, heights printed designs such as animal prints, polka dots, floral, striped, and geometric.
  • Boots: Dolce & Gabbana offers many boot options, including heeled boots, knee-high boots, ankle booties, and more.
  • Sandals: This laid-back shoe collection comes in different styles, including a thong sandal, heeled wedge, typical sandal, or a sport sandal.
  • Sneakers: D & G sneakers come in many unique prints and with fun adornments on the side panels and tops.
  • Flats and Slippers: D & G flats and slippers are often decorated with embellishments.
  • Clogs and Derby: These closed-toe varieties can be heeled or flat. Derby footwear is a lace-up shoe.
Where are D & G shoes made?

All authentic Dolce & Gabbana footwear items are made in Italy, where the brand was founded. The insole of each pair has an original D & G label on the heel that says that the footwear was made in Italy.

How do you wash Dolce & Gabbana lace footwear?

The designer lace pumps, heels, flats, and more offered by Dolce & Gabbana require care to keep them in good condition, but because lace is more delicate than some other materials, it is important to use caution when cleaning them. Spot treat them with a very gentle cleaner. Avoid rubbing the spot or using harsh solutions such as bleach. Do not dry clean them or put them in the washer.

How tall are the heels on D & G shoes?

A heel can be found on a variety of Dolce & Gabbana designer footwear, including pumps, wedges, heels, and more, and the height of the heel will depend on the specific shoe. The height of the heels generally ranges from 2 inches to just over 5.5 inches, and heels may have platforms and a stiletto or thick heel style.

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