Camisas de motocicleta Ducati

Ducati Shirts

Outside of motorcycles, Ducati sells a wide range of different merchandise featuring their logos and branding. A major part of this catalog is their authentic sport style shirts that are typically worn by motorsport individuals who are sponsored by Ducati. Starting in 2006, Tumi Inc. has had a licensing agreement for the companys merchandise.

Why are Ducati shirts prestigious?

Fanatics of Ducati have a unique community identity, giving it the feeling of an exclusive club where anyone who has the passion for it can join. The most genuine way to show that shared dedication and experience is through representation. A Ducati T-shirt is a good item to fill that role.

What is Ducati?

Ducati are an iconic designer and manufacturer of motorcycles, which was founded in 1926. The company is owned by Audi, which is also owned by the Volkswagen Group. Throughout its 91 years of activity and counting, they have created high-performance motorcycles.

Which red-and-white styles do they come in?

The flagship Ducati style, the MotoGP Team shirt, is the same T-shirt that Ducati team members wear during their Sunday races. For something that looks more official, there is the mens Polo. The red shoulder design is closely similar to the standard Team T-shirt. The mens MotoGP Team Issues shirt is similar to the standard racing style Team tee, except for the fact that there is slightly less of the red design, and it is made of tight-fitting polyester. The fabric is comparable to that of cyclist apparel.

How did Ducatis style change in the mid-2010s?

In 2015, Ducatis classic red-and-white style T-shirt had a sleek design. The signature bold red on top of white became sharp stripes along the edges. The following year, the red began its return, as it was once again in nearly full shape on the shoulders. Some of the sleek looks were retained on this T-shirt with the very tops of the shoulders interrupting the red with white blocks. This also served to mark an area for racing patches. The white spot was mostly removed the year after, in 2017. In its place, the shapes outline was turned into a white trim.

What casual apparel do they sell?

The 2018 Ducati Corse sweatshirt is comfortable mild weather apparel for men and women. This zip-up has a red trim on the sleeves and two side pockets. The Seamless Function T-shirt was designed as quintessential racing style sportswear. It is made of micro-mesh dryarn fabric, which eliminates sweat and protects the wearer from the heat of the sun. For offroad biking enthusiasts, the Ducati UFO Scrambler is a hot item for both men and women. Straying away from the typical Ducati color scheme, the Scrambler is decorated with black and yellow checkerboards. Its fabric is 100% polyester.